2 Reasons You’ll Be a Top Medical Practice Manager
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Elijahwordsmith.com | 2 Reasons You’ll Be a Top Medical Practice Manager

Who really makes a medical office run like a dream?

Ask most patients and they’ll probably guess it’s the doctors.  But relay this question to your staff, and they’ll likely turn towards you…the maestro.

One minute you’re hearing out a physician who is having issues with transcribing software.  Next you’re sitting with a frustrated patient who really just needs an understanding ear.

Celebrated by staff and respected by physicians, you share certain characteristics with other professional multi-taskers.

I’ll explore what sets apart the top performers (you) from the rest, so without any more delay…

How To Become a Medical Practice Manager

Behind the scenes during most of the work day, you keep things humming along.

As a medical practice manager you probably earned your bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or a related area of study.  Desiring advancement, a master’s degree was possibly invested in as well.

Because a top-level executive position has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

After school you would have “cut your teeth” in either a clinical or administrative role at a healthcare facility.

Now you’re doing well for yourself but are wanting to continue developing professionally.

Although not normally required, you can consider acquiring your Certified Medical Manager (CMM) credential from the Professional Association of Healthcare Office Management.

The exam covers topics such as:

  • Human resources
  • Compliance issues
  • Financial management
  • And more…

In 2020 the average medical practice manager salary was $104,280.  Regardless of where you stack up in light of this figure, you should be encouraged by another statistic.

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, your position is expected to see growth of 32% over the next 8 years.

Now that you’re aware how in demand you are, keep that certification idea in the back of your mind.  It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.

Okay, I’ve described your likely path to the present.  But looking forward, in what ways can you stand out?  After all, standing out can lead to a fulfilling and successful career

I’ll address that next.

What Does a Medical Practice Manager Do?

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Seeking to avoid droning on, I won’t list every single task you’re responsible for on a day to day basis.  Because you don’t have that kind of time due to said tasks.

Instead I’ll talk about what successful medical practice management looks like.

But before I do that, what skills does someone like yourself have?

  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Analyzing new laws and regulations
  • Clear communication on policies and procedures
  • Efficiently handling inner workings of the practice
  • Finding new talent that meshes with the established culture
  • Adapting to new healthcare technology
  • Mediating customer service and staff issues

Whew, looking at that shortlist now I’m even more impressed with all the hats you wear!

What differentiates exceptional leaders from subpar ones?  My perspective as a former medical administrative worker will hopefully offer some insights for you.

The best example had an open door policy, checked in regularly, and went to bat for her staff.  There wasn’t ever a “guilty until proven innocent” mindset when it came to internal or external conflicts.

On the flip side, another medical practice manager did the exact opposite.  This created an environment of mistrust, trepidation, and negativity.

Obviously, you don’t ever want these traits to describe the culture of the office.  Because patients notice, and their experience is truly what matters most!

Tips for Medical Practice Manager

Besides effectively applying your skills during working hours, there’s two tips I want to equip you with using personal experience.

  1. Round on your staff regularly
  2. Make front office staff social media ambassadors

Maybe you just implemented a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, or have heard rumblings of frustration in another area.  Rounding makes staff feel valued, heard, and builds stronger work bonds.

And bonus, taking time during the day to round decreases overall foot traffic into your inner sanctum (office).  Any minor issues or questions can be addressed in these few minutes you dedicate towards your employees.

Healthcare social media warms up prospective patients and is a great way to improve the overall satisfaction of your current patients.

Your front office staff are normally younger and more tech savvy.  If you’ve nailed the “amazing manager” thing, they’ll be more than happy to share posts across their personal platforms.

This amplifies the reach of any posts and promotes your medical practice.  Just make sure you have a social media policy to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Medical Practice Manager and Elijah Wordsmith

Elijah Wordsmith content writing is another way to maintain the top spot online under “best private practices near me.”

Combined with your newly appointed social media ambassadors, an effective online marketing strategy is possible.

My freelance writing business is backed by close to 13 years of industry experience between healthcare and digital marketing.  Combining the two allows each social media post to resonate with your target audience.

“Verbalizing” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your practice WILL lead to more business.

With access to modern technology and customer service sharpened while working in busy medical offices, I bring a personable approach to growing your online presence.

Bring the human side back by sharing stories online that impacted you or your staff.  And enjoy a boost in patient retention and new referrals for a “practice that truly cares.”

Take the first step towards standing out online and schedule a discovery call today!

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