2 Technologies for Your Naturopathy Digital Marketing Toolbox
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Elijahwordsmith.com | 2 Technologies for Your Naturopathy Digital Marketing Toolbox

Previously, I provided an overview of your digital marketing toolbox.  Now it’s time to learn more about each tool.

We’ll start with ClickUp and Brave search.

One aids the operational side of your business.  And the other covers your marketing itself.

Together, they give you a solid foothold in the online world of private practice healthcare.  

By the end of your reading, expect to be on board with these technologies. 

Centralized Marketing for Holistic Practitioners

Medical content writing involves much more than typing up an occasional blog.  


  1. Topical and keyword research
  2. Internal and external linking
  3. Draft, revisions, and final content piece
  4. Optimization and publishing
  5. Promotion

And that’s just one part of your overall digital marketing strategy.  Social media and email have their own steps to follow. 

Keeping track of your processes is a breeze with ClickUp.  Powerful all-in-one project management software.

Competitors are Trello, Asana, and others.  But really there’s no match for its expanding capabilities. 

Features to help your practice:

  • Whiteboards
  • Docs
  • Email integration
  • Internal messaging
  • Goals

Choosing to actually listen to their customers, they’re continually innovating as well.  That’s likely due to their influx of young and forward-thinking talent.  

According to LinkedIn, they have over 1,000 employees.  Expect this company to be around for a long time.  

Next, I want to introduce a more privacy-focused search engine.

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Unorthodox Holistic Health Marketing

I was having a medical conversation with a family friend in Idaho recently.  She said it was becoming harder to find health information on naturopathy using Google.  

My wife and I both informed her about a 1000% better option.  Brave search.  

Part of the Brave Browser, this alternate search engine is going against industry giants.  Like Bing and Google.

But among those of us in the medical freedom crowd, it’s taking back stolen ground.  

Your healthcare content writing will finally be able to reach its intended audience.  Without the Big Pharma-backed tech tyrants censoring you.

Brave benefits:

  • Trackers and ads are blocked
  • Maintain privacy while you surf the web
  • Apply filters to boost conservative sources
  • Have your “controversial” content show up in search

The final benefit mentioned above is tongue in cheek.  I know your treatments are effective, even if the general public doesn’t.

Join other truth seekers already using it.  And as more people make the switch from traditional search engines, their technology will only improve.

And unlike Google, their algorithm doesn’t favor companies that pay them loads of cash.  If you put out helpful content that gets clicks, it’ll rank on Brave.

This user-focus is light-years away from those other guys who cater to advertisers.  And governments. 

Wrapping up, I want to share why outsourcing your digital marketing might make more sense.  Over doing it yourself. 

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Elijah Wordsmith Boosting Holistic Practitioners

Your marketing doesn’t need to break the bank.  Or be ineffective.

My freelance writing is the megaphone for naturopathy.

Based in the US, I’m passionate about the censored option of holistic health.  More Americans need to know about it.

Elijah Wordsmith relays the more individualized care patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Now that you are aware of the tools for success, learn about the benefits of starting a naturopathy blog!

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