9 Content Writing Ideas for Holistic Practitioners
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Elijahwordsmith.com | 9 Content Writing Ideas for Holistic Practitioners

The Coronavirus forever mutated the way patients seek care.  

More and more are choosing to maintain their health virtually.  This is not news to you.  But want to know what is?

A renewed openness to alternative medicine and holistic practices presents you with an awesome opportunity.

I don’t want you to miss out, so I’ll be providing 9 ideas to attract these patients through online messaging.

Wanting to be conscious of your busy schedule, let’s begin!

Why Holistic Practitioners Need Digital Mediums

Allow me to first apologize on behalf of the internet.

Holistic practitioners like yourself have been censored, shadowbanned, and had their ads denied by Google.  Understandably you’ve chosen to focus on word of mouth and other offline means to attract new business.

But don’t give up on healthcare content writing just yet.  Here’s the reason why.

According to the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) “optimal well-being is a concept of health that goes beyond the curing of illness to one of achieving wellness.”

Isn’t this why you got into the field? 

If you aren’t showing up online, only one side is.  The one which pushes medications and expensive treatments as the only option.

Now for some numbers to add extra motivation. 

Encouraging Statistics for Holistic Practitioners

You’re a holistic practitioner because you’re urged on by more than money.  However, the potential for future revenue is still an important driver.

Consider this.

See this not as a threat of new entrants.  Instead consider it a positive sign of industry growth and ongoing health.

  • 34% of holistic practitioners stay at their jobs for 11+ years 

Falling into this category means you are the expert in your specific niche.  Because people are seeking expertise, showing up in their online search is key.  

Hopefully you’re now willing to give medical content writing a go.  Next, I’ll reveal some ideas to jumpstart your foray into digital success.  

Holistic Practitioners and Healthcare Content Writing

The following are strategies I’ve used to successfully market my healthcare business digitally.  They will aid you as a holistic health practitioner too!

1) Spend Less Time Marketing on Big Tech Platforms

Big Pharma sees you as direct competition.  They financially support Big Tech.

The end result is surely one you can piece together.  Note: LinkedIn is one exception as it’s still considered a reputable place to network.

But beyond this platform, entertain free speech alternatives which are friendly to your profession.  One example is Gab.com which supports patient choice and medical freedom.


  • Gain a local competitive advantage via their advertising component
  • Join healthcare groups to network and promote your services
  • List your offerings on their marketplace for an increase in leads
  • Create a video hosting channel and display the human touch

2) Create a Monthly Healthcare Blog To Educate Patients

Shown to be an effective way to subtly promote your expertise, blogs are far from salesly.  They offer value for no upfront commitment.

Readers don’t have to give an email address, pull out their credit card, or pick up the phone.

Possible topics:

  • Legislation that affects your industry
  • Natural treatments for ailments
  • Success stories of your patients
  • Partnerships with other practitioners
  • Lessons you’ve learned over your career

Typical length is 500 to 1000 words, but longer content is known to be rewarded by Google.  If that seems overwhelming, start with what you can manage and work your way up.

3) Build a Medical Practice Website or Update Your Current One

Step one if you don’t have a website is to partner with a smaller digital marketing agency who specializes in constructing them.  As a potential 24/7 sales machine, you need to have one. 

Already have a functioning site?  

Optimize the web pages with keywords and phrases your potential patient would search for.  “Holistic practitioner near me” or “holistic medicine” are logical ones.

Because it doubles as a “virtual storefront” it should:

  • Reflect your brand (color scheme, font)
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Include patient testimonials
  • Look great from a design perspective 

Finally, view any money spent as an investment instead of an expense.  Because it is.

4) Answer Patient Questions on Quora for Thought Leadership

Besides a great place to get feedback on new ideas for your medical practice, Quora has a more vital role.

Patients ask questions you can answer directly or in a future blog post.  

Popular answers get shared and attract followers to your page.  Not only will you see an uptick in website traffic, but providing value free of charge endears you to prospects.

Become a regular contributor to healthcare groups to widen the reach of your services.  Now, if you already have someone who handles your social media, this could be outsourced to them.

But it is a great marketing channel and should be used from time to time.

5) Start a Health and Wellness Newsletter on LinkedIn

Did you just publish a blog that patients found extremely helpful?

Turn it into a LinkedIn article!

Their publishing feature now allows people to subscribe to your newsletter.  When you create a new article it goes to their email automatically or they can read it inside the platform.

Some advice:

  • Change the title
  • Tweak the introduction slightly
  • Reword your last section

Why do you need to take this step?  You don’t want it to show up in search results ahead of the blog post on your website.

Extra exposure to peers and patients generates awareness around your private practice.

6) Advertise on Alternative Social Media Platforms

Although it’s relatively new, Gab.com allows your advertisements to reach either a local or national audience.

Its targeting options aren’t as extensive as Google, but they are working to improve it.  There’s also some questions about the accuracy of results.

Despite these early hiccups, alternative health services and products enjoy a strong following on the site.  Patients want what you have, so there’s only one question.

Are you willing to filter out unfounded poor reputations some of these sites have and try them out?  Allowing your personal judgment to decide may just lead to an improved bottom line on your financial statements.

7) Interview Peers and Transcribe Video Content Into Written Form

Recording conversations you’re already having with other holistic practitioners is wise.

Find a topic patients always ask you about, and discuss it using web conferencing software.  When you’re done, besides an enlightening talk you’ll have great content to use.

Type up a transcript of the interview and craft a blog post from it.  Take quotes and use them as social media posts.

There’s a lot you can do.

Where else can you share the video?

  • Across social media (full-length or smaller clips)
  • Add it to your website
  • Upload it to your video hosting provider
  • Pull out the audio for a podcast

8) Develop a Downloadable Health Resource To Capture Email Addresses

A lead magnet is a free piece of content that prospects must opt in for.  They do this by providing an email address.

You could put together a short “How to manage your chronic (insert illness).”  Pack it full of your vast experience and promote it on your blog and website.

One piece of advice.  Don’t make it too long.  

Having difficulty wrapping your head around writing a longer resource?  Select a popular blog and expand upon it.

You’ll already have a good foundation and won’t have to start from scratch. 

9) Craft Multiple Email Campaigns for Those Who Download the Resource

Your main goal in collecting email addresses is to use them.  Don’t let them collect dust like business cards from a medical conference. 

Even before you promote the downloadable asset, create two campaigns.

  1. Awareness campaign
  2. Engagement campaign

Each should include multiple emails and aim to move prospective patients along the sales journey.  And their final destination?

Filling out an online form or giving your office a call. 

With tools that incorporate automation, these recurring series of emails can provide fresh leads.

So there you have it!  9 ways to get in front of online searchers for alternative medicine.  

Elijah Wordsmith Partnering with Holistic Practitioners

Perhaps you find yourself thinking, “Great ideas, but where do I find extra hours in an already busy work week?”

The simple way to resolve this dilemma is to partner with a freelance medical writer. 

Backed by over 13 years of industry experience between healthcare and digital marketing, my pen is ready to assist. 

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your practice. 

With access to modern technology and customer service sharpened while working in busy medical offices, I bring a personable approach to growing your online presence. 

Bring the human side back by sharing stories online that impacted you or your staff.  And enjoy a boost in patient retention and new referrals for a “practice that truly cares.”  

Take the first step towards standing out online and schedule a discovery call today!  

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