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I know what your patients are going through...

My connection to healthcare began at age of 11 when I experienced a life-threatening diagnosis that forced me to grow up quickly.  My written medical story even made it into Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul!    

Fast forward 15 year later, and I found myself on the “other side of the exam room” as a medical professional.  Over the next decade a desire grew to somehow share patient success stories.

but how would i achieve this?

This opportunity presented itself while finishing my business degree in San Diego.  I switched my career from healthcare into the uncharted waters of digital marketing via Acadium.

Charles and Linda of Musselwhite Marketing believed in my ability to assist their clients with content marketing.  Eventually entrusted with managing client accounts, I successfully increased the online exposure of these small business owners.

About Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare content writing with a patient centric touch

healthcare content writing

Elijah Wordsmith was born out of this unique melding, with the specific goal of growing the online presence of holistic and private practices. It’s a mission I strongly believe in, and as a business owner myself, I’m committed to helping you win in your industry!

Learning never stops, and I continue to improve my online writing skills.  Bringing this same passion to my company and clients, I seek to enrich healthcare through the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

Having worked for and with physicians for years, I understand your pain points.  Allow me the chance to alleviate those concerns.  And let’s heal the world together…one patient at a time.

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