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You desire more patients. 

And patients stand to benefit from your holistic services. 

But Google and other gatekeepers don’t want you to meet. So, they’ve created a “knowledge chasm.” 

Instead sending online searches to woke healthcare sources. 

Consider me the bridge to shore up that gap.

Your mission is to heal using safe treatments. I effectively communicate that passion through your blog and webpage copy.

Because this messaging comes directly from your website (owned asset), Big Tech can’t interfere.

Like they would if you wanted to create a Google advertisement for natural treatment of COVID. Just as an example.

My background: 

  • Pediatric cancer survivor
  • 10 years in healthcare admin roles
  • Content writer since 2018

God used traditional medicine to help heal me. However, they had no idea about long-term effects from chemotherapy. My mom had to conduct her own research and find natural remedies.

No American parent should have to go through that. 

Information should be readily available. Like it is in one of your consultations. 

But to schedule a consultation they first need to find your website. And to find your website they need someone to guide them there. 

Normally that’d be you. Except in this case, you’re already plenty busy.

Hand off the creation of new content each month. And get back time to reinvest elsewhere.

In your practice. Or better yet, in your family.

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