Are AI Writers Our Terminator?
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Christ follower, husband, and content writer seeking to enrich our world through messaging and other online means. Proudly keeping my advertising dollars away from Big Tech, and reinvesting them in free speech platforms. #ParallelEconomy | Are AI Writers Our Terminator?

“Are you Elijah Shoesmith?” asked the figure in a strong Austrian accent.

Quickly assessing the situation, I decided against answering and slammed the door.  After all, the trench coat and dark sunglasses made him look quite suspicious.

As a freelance writer, are you on your way to being “Terminated” by artificial intelligence?  Or is this an untapped resource you should consider?

My aim is to hopefully shed some light on how you move forward as a small business owner.  

Keep reading and join the resistance.

Will AI Replace Online Freelance Writers?

Freelancers rightfully shed some perspiration when AI writers first came onto the scene.  2016 was a year when a large-scale experiment was undertaken with one of them.

  • The Washington Post developed “Heliograf” to create 850 stories over the course of that year
  • According to the Associated Press, they estimated it freed up 20% more time for journalists  

Initially used for short updates on the Rio Olympics, its role has since expanded with the publication.  Understanding AI is here to stay, how do you as a healthcare content writer move forward?


Reasons You’re Irreplaceable

As of 2022 natural language generation has improved but is still limited.  In what ways?

Two major constraints on increased adoption:

  1. Although it has figured out syntax, it has no idea about meaning
  2. The writing it produces is inconsistent due to a lack of self-reflection

The best AI writer will never be able to critically think or use intuition.  And if you think about it, there’s nothing it can create without some form of human input.

Proponents may argue humanity has only been able to create after decades of learning (input), which is true.  But what separates us from machines is God gave us a brain capable of original thoughts.

This ethereal view is taken to help you remain confident as a unique wordsmith.

Next let’s consider how this advanced technology can be turned into an asset for your business.

AI Creative Writing Assistant

When any company resists an innovation that permanently changes their industry, they can become nonexistent.

With that knowledge, perhaps you should brainstorm ways to work with artificial intelligence. 

Possible benefits:

  • Assistance with content analysis and idea generation for more relevant blogs
  • Opportunity to compete more effectively by producing extra content each year
  • Ability to offload topical and statistical research

In these ways, an AI article writer can actually help you lean out your small business and scale sooner.  How?  

The first role you’ll outsource in order to grow should be a virtual assistant.  Being able to have this person concentrate on purely administrative tasks while AI assists your content marketing could be profitable.     

It accomplishes this by pushing off the need for another subcontractor to shoulder some of the writing load.  This savings could then be reinvested in other areas of your business.  

Hopefully this prospect is making you “mentally salivate.”  

By now you should be breathing easier knowing you’ll never be determined obsolete or due for termination.  Move forward in that confidence, keep creating, and I wish you much success!

Elijah Wordsmith and AI Writers

My freelance writing business is backed by over 13 years of combined industry experience between healthcare and digital marketing.  Medical terminology mastery.  Check.

Based in the US, project management software and marketing tools allow me to consistently meet your deadlines and exceed expectations.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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