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Christ follower, husband, and content writer seeking to enrich our world through messaging and other online means. Proudly keeping my advertising dollars away from Big Tech, and reinvesting them in free speech platforms. #ParallelEconomy | Branding Your Healthcare Content Writing Starts Here

“You can make it happen!” exclaimed the outgoing speaker.

Looking around at those near him, Steve wondered if he was the only one who had no clue what “it” was.

Experts in branding themselves, self-help professionals are well-versed in how to capture an audience.  Not literally of course, that would cause lawsuits.

As a freelance writer, you don’t need to land six-figure speaking engagements to earn a living.  But before you can earn, you must first define the purpose which will drive all future actions.

Keep reading and learn how to do exactly that.

Preconceived Notions Aren’t Always Accurate

Can I be totally honest with you?  The idea of personal branding always bothered me.

Every time I mulled over the term in my mind, Tony Robbins’ face kept coming up.  Now before you jump in the comments to defend your man Tony, please hear me out. 

He may very well be a good guy, but it seemed like he was always selling something.

Not directly, but indirectly he was the definition of ABS.  Always. Be. Selling.

And what he and his peers were vending struck me as common sense. I always wondered why people paid so much to hear it.  

But after reading the book Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business: The Complete Guide to Starting and Scaling from Scratch by Laura Briggs, my mindset changed.

Here’s what I picked up.

Survival Depends on Branding

Very quickly I realized in order to have a chance at success, marketing myself had to be a daily habit.  Why was this necessary?

Healthcare marketing agencies edged me in:

  • Budget
  • Brand recognition
  • Staffing
  • Services
  • Online visibility

So, pretty much in every area that really matters in the digital marketing world!  

Instead of sitting down cross-legged and becoming depressed about this fact, I decided to develop my own unique freelance writing brand.  Necessity was the main driver.  

Surely there were areas I excelled in they couldn’t match.  Hmm.. 

Joining an unfairly controversial social media platform called Gab began to blow away the fog of uncertainty surrounding it.  I’m thankful I ignored hit pieces on Google and did my own research.

Truths that emerged: 

  1. At the time small business America was under a constant barrage of Covid protocols that seemed to change weekly.  They’re still reeling from it.  
  2. Alternative healthcare approaches were also being censored and maligned.  Holistic medicine struck me as deserving of an advocate.

Lightbulb moment.

Swimming Upstream Builds Strength

During my cancer days, nurses and doctors helped my family through a really difficult time.  Those days behind me, a passion for the hurting naturally translated to working for 10 years in the medical world.   

A rewarding and fulfilling decade to be sure.

And then came freelance content writing.  I mention this background not to get sympathy for my diagnosis, but as a tie in to my developing brand.

Without fully realizing it, I’d stumbled across my niche and reason for starting a business.  

Alternative health practitioners (small business owners) were helping the unwell, but at great personal and professional cost.  I had the means to amplify their voice online through my writing gift.  

The rest they say is history.  Side note, I’ve never understood who “they” is.  Comment below if you know.

Moving along.

Branding As Defined by Culture

Prior to owning a business, I had pegged branding as only surface level.  But I’ve since learned it’s made up of so much more!

What people consider it to be:

  • Cool logo
  • Pleasing colors
  • Unique advertising
  • Mascots
  • Social media “voice”

While these all do matter in making your business memorable, they miss one important thing.  The essence of who or what a business is to its customers or clients.

Some companies make great products.  Others are funny and bring joy in their marketing.  But the ones that are memorable change your life for the better.

That’s what I wanted to be.  A solopreneur who thought less and less about my writing skills and more and more about those I was working with.  To someday leave a legacy of excellence and integrity when God called me home.

This is the reason I started Elijah Wordsmith content writing.

Where You Come In

Even before you pay out hard earned capital to those who will help launch your business, define why you’re doing it.  Because it will motivate you when the grind comes.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I know why I’m opening this business?
  2. What will my writing voice be?
  3. How will I get prospects to trust me?
  4. Where do my prospects go online?
  5. Will readers know my desired action for them?

Take some time to really think these through.  And then make it your North Star.  For those who aren’t familiar with this maritime reference, make it your guiding principle.

You’ll also find it makes building the aforementioned “surface level” components of your branding that much simpler.  Because their selection will be purposeful and driven by something deep down inside.

Expect potential clients to get on board with that!

Still unsure if it’s possible to start your own healthcare content writing venture?

Elijah Wordsmith Is Here To Stay

When it comes to things like selling, marketing, and client retention, I’m no better than the next person.  But understanding my value through the branding journey has taught me something.

Nobody can ruin my belief in doing good for this world through my services.  How come?  Well, for one thing it transcends what I offer.

Expending my creative energy fighting against censorship and indoctrination is worth it.  Plus, I’m not ashamed to have love for my country and the freedoms it was founded upon.

I’ve found this mission aligns with how holistic medicine and other small business owners conduct their work.

Areas we line up in:

  • US based writer with over 3 years of professional experience
  • Christian patriot boldly proclaiming what’s “unpopular”
  • Fellow small business owner
  • Integrity and excellence in every interaction

Take the first step towards standing out online and schedule a free discovery call today!  

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