Brave is Breaking Up the Medical Monopoly on Search
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The dominance of Google for search is eroding.

And the aptly named Brave browser is climbing the hill they’re sliding down.  But with a very different goal.  

Of placing the power back in users hands.  While elevating voices that are silenced elsewhere.  Like your naturopathic website.  

And their rise might signal a shift in medical content writing as well.  

Let’s explore this unique opportunity for your practice.

How Brave Search Amplifies Naturopathy Content

Brave launched their beta in early 2021. 

A year later they celebrated 2.5 billion queries.  That’s a plethora.

To break up the monopoly on search, they also introduced an interesting feature called “Goggles.”  Their reason for doing so resonates with free-speech and privacy advocates.

It is dangerous for a society if people living in it cannot distinguish between facts, opinions, and outright misinformation.

Real misinformation states that natural healers like yourself aren’t qualified to offer medical advice.  Brave aims to debunk that lie.

Current online curators of health information:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Bing

When you publish a blog on your website, it’s funneled through these entry points.  

And likely is demoted to the dark recesses of results.  In favor of articles from more “trusted” sources like the CDC, FDA, and national healthcare leaders.  

Making it harder for patients to find the truth about non-pharmaceutical choices for healing.  Harder, but not impossible.

Especially for those who buck traditional wisdom about search engine optimization. | Gab guide9

Answer to the Monopoly on Patient Education

Brave’s proposal to resolve this fact,

Increase the number of options, windows through which reality is made sense of.

Goggles are user-defined and decrease the control of a biased algorithm.  Potentially, anyone can create one.

Based on the domain specific language (DSL) of a popular ad-blocker filter, an individual creator shares it with users who can then modify it to fit their needs. 

That person has their own terms of service.  Which is public to any users who apply the filter to their Brave browser.

Benefits to healthcare content writing:

  • Multiple exposure options for blogs and websites
  • Reduces the need to optimize for a single, biased search engine

Potentially, a filter could exclude medical websites with a very high domain rating (DR).  Thereby ranking sites like yours higher on a search for “naturopathic practitioners near me.”

Brave is hoping to lead the way for other privacy-focused alternatives to follow.  Helping your blog do even better.

A willingness to modify their algorithm for users is a great way to earn the trust of naturopaths.  Because no other company is doing this!

Now is an exciting time to shift your strategy from ranking on Google to showing up on Brave.

And I want to help you stand out. | Gab guide10

Elijah Wordsmith Partnering With Naturopath Practitioners

Your passion for improving patient outcomes resonates with me.

Because natural remedies helped counter the chemotherapy which weakened my body as a child.  

My freelance writing business is your “megaphone” for naturopathy.

Using Brave search myself, I’m testing creative ways to boost your medical blog and website.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing wants to help the online visibility of your practice.

Schedule a call and let’s get you in front of more patients!

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