Championing Medical Freedom Through Content Writing
Elijah Shoesmith

Elijah Shoesmith

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Flipping through the packet, Julie thought it all seemed to be so…limited.

“Are these truly the only forms of treatment for my son Doctor Johnson?”

“I’m afraid so.”

Exhaling, she glanced over at her child.  And wished she knew more to make the right call for her dear boy.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Before you walk into another provider’s office, I want to empower you on how to be a more confident advocate for yourself and loved ones.

What Is Medical Freedom?

According to the National Health Freedom Coalition, it is “the internal compass that guides us in life and death decisions regarding health.”

One would assume we’ve always had unrestricted access to medical freedom here in the United States.  The reality however, especially from 2020 onwards, is a bit different.  

Feel free to test my theory by asking your primary care physician for non-vaccine protection against Covid next time you’re in-office.  Or even better, test it out on a Big Tech platform.

Possible responses:

  • You can either get the vaccine which is completely safe, or the vaccine which is completely safe
  • Why are you asking me questions, haven’t you seen what Fauci already said

But in all seriousness, our healthcare system truly neglects its duty to the hurting if it selectively chooses what freedoms people are entitled to.  

Patient Choice Should Include Alternatives

Stepping away from the medical industry for a second, allow me to show why a business model doesn’t work when determining a care path.

Common sense tells us a sales pitch will only give one option.  Mentioning competitors or something offered by another salesman is illogical.  Right?

But in the case of healthcare, doctors should be providing a wealth of information to help heal, not create a customer.

Current Western model:

  • Write referrals exclusively to in-house specialists
  • Ignore alternative medicine if asked how viable it is
  • When in doubt prescribe medication

Refreshing this mold has tremendous upside for health outcomes in our nation.  But what would it look like?

Attaining a Healthy Future for Our Children

Our lack of action today affects future generations.

So isn’t it worth facing some tough realities and contending for issues?  Like freedom.  Medical decisions should always rest in the hands of parents, further guided by honest providers.  

Not politicians.

Change happens when each individual family respectfully pushes back against the mainstream narrative.  Doing so can shore up any crumbling around the edges the U.S. healthcare system is experiencing.

Prospective benefits for our nation:

  1. Hospitals will only be reserved for emergencies
  2. Patients can make well-educated decisions
  3. Longer office visits with primary care physicians
  4. More affordable health insurance

You may say I’m being overly optimistic.  Well I have been called “sickeningly positive” (actual quote) during my time in the medical industry, so I guess I’m guilty.

Of course this wouldn’t happen over night and would require help from state and federal representatives who believe in medical freedom.  But why shouldn’t we believe it’s possible?

Small Wins Add Up to Great Victories

Even when it comes to abortion advocates, who I don’t agree with, they would confirm freedom in medical choices should be a right.  Case in point the mantra “My body, my choice.”

Why should this phrase not apply to those questioning the safety of vaccines?  Or traditional medicine’s obvious slant towards Big Pharma? 

My point is all Americans desire the ability to select where and how they receive care.

Ready for some good news?  Citizens are already uniting and advocating for a different look to our current system.


  • Alternative social media communities of patients and healthcare workers
  • Health entrepreneurs forming businesses in their local areas

As we wrap up, let’s look at how freelance writers factor into this situation.

Elijah Wordsmith Medical Freedom Advocate

Healthcare content writing generates helpful blogs and other forms of online reading to equip patients and their families.

If you’re wondering where my business fits in, I’m happy to explain my connection.

Since 2010 I’ve worn many medical hats:  

  • Patient  
  • Employee
  • Writer

God has gifted me with talents I desire to use on behalf of those who are driven by compassion for the sick.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your holistic practice. 

Take your first step towards standing out online and schedule a free discovery call today!  

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