Competitive Advantage Through Healthcare Social Media
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Any technology can be helpful at our places of work.

Including social media.

Despite this fact, many healthcare professionals save it for personal use.  To their disadvantage.

By the time you finish reading, my goal is to have you thinking differently about this digital medium. 

So, take a deep breath and let’s begin!

How Social Media Can Help a Healthcare Practice

The holistic industry contributes to our society.  In fact, it has helped keep me here on this earth.

But heavy regulation has held it back.  

From what you ask?  Or maybe you aren’t asking, but I’ll tell you either way.

From experiencing the rich benefits of healthcare social media.  Patient privacy is understandably part of their hesitation.  It should be.

However, they perform a disservice to these individuals by staying in the shadows.  Because traditional medicine will advertise and show up instead.

To support my stance, allow me to present a statistic:

Depending on their medical insurance, patients are discovering care options outside of their local area.  There is your opportunity.

The sick and hurting deserve to have a full toolbox for living healthier lives.  Not just pharmaceutical solutions.

Tap into this increased adoption of digital health.

As you’ll soon see, platforms like LinkedIn and Gab should be included in your marketing strategy.

Role of Social Media in Healthcare

Combined with healthcare content writing, this valuable tool helps you compete with larger operations.  And garner a nice slice of market share.

Many digital marketers will assume you want to be on Facebook.  So do countless articles online.  

My advice is to resist popular wisdom!  

Consider this:

And those who do assume Facebook is the place to be.  That’s no longer true.

Focusing more on their virtual reality option, Meta continues to decrease organic (“free”) reach.  This is a non-issue on LinkedIn and alternative social networks.

You can receive higher value from your investment.  In both time and money.

Unorthodox Model

Let’s use Gab as an example.  

Using my personal experience, I recommend these steps:

  1. Create an account for your practice
  2. Make your face the profile picture
  3. Start a healthcare group and send personal invites
  4. Post about natural healing education regularly
  5. Share medical blogs from your website

Quick note on step #2.  To add a trust factor, swap out your logo for a headshot.  

Specific to this platform, it’s an easy way for medical-freedom loving patients to connect on a human level.

The task of raising awareness around your practice doesn’t need to be yours alone.

It’s time for you to connect with a partner who also aligns with your mission.

Medical Content Writing and Elijah Wordsmith

Social media for healthcare is one available tool for spreading the message.  But there are others.

And they’re more cost-effective than advertising.

U.S. based, Elijah Wordsmith specializes in managing the blog on your website.

Picture it as a spotlight on your more personalized care.  For both current and prospective patients.

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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