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Google started penalizing “keyword stuffing” back in 2003.  

Because I cringe at poorly written content, this is actually one place where Google and I align.

A blog might contain the main keyword “hospital staff,” but 5 bajillion times in a short article.  It’d be enough for Tom Clancy to roll over in his grave!

Apparently programmers who’ve created AI writers are still living in the past.

Keep reading to learn what my experience was with this advanced technology.

Medical Content Writing Testing the Waters

These non-flesh and blood writers are gradually growing in popularity.  

But, I’m not quite ready to call my fellow freelancers to arms like Will Smith in I,Robot.

Jasper is one example that I’ve used over the last couple of months on behalf of a client.  Although it piqued my interest, I’m hesitant to add it to my business.


  • Keyword stuffing still tempts robots
  • Readers aren’t data points
  • A human writer has to make the content fun

SurferSEO is a tool which pairs with Jasper and gives your content a score based on certain variables.  Instead of writing creatively, it becomes a game where you squeeze dozens of similar keywords into a Word document.

The final piece of content may cause search engines to smile (if they could).  But what about the end user?

Hopefully they have strong coffee, else they may be snoring on the keyboard.

Moving on, it’s worth addressing the ultimate variable that separates mankind from robots.

Why Healthcare Needs Compassionate Human Writers

Healthcare content writing is unique.  How so?

Those scrolling through medical articles are dealing with serious, and sometimes deadly issues.  Dry and boring reading still gets information across, but it doesn’t improve their outlook.

Artificial intelligence can’t empathize with a patient who has received a rough diagnosis.  But human wordsmith’s can.

Other reasons freelance writers make sense:

  1. HIPAA and protecting patient privacy is a priority
  2. They may have personal experience with the topic

Patient stories are precious to a writer who’s sharing it with others on a blog or webpage.  Their identity is safeguarded, unless they previously signed a HIPAA release.

On the other hand, you have to trust AI writers won’t type up identifiable information against patient wishes.  

No, robots don’t get sick…even if they sometimes have a bug (virus).  Despite them pulling insights from experts in the field, it can have a cold, clinical feel.  Instead of one that is relatable and infused with compassion.

This technology does have potential, but it should be a compliment to an individual wordsmith.  Not a replacement.

AI Writers and Elijah Wordsmith

By now, you should be willing to outsource writing to someone you could have coffee with.  Aka a human!

My freelance writing business is the megaphone for your private practice that’s focused on natural health options.

Based in the US, project management software and marketing tools allow me to consistently meet your deadlines and exceed expectations.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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