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Having trouble showing up in search results? Good news. There’s a not-so-secret tool waiting to be unleashed…content marketing. Proven to be effective without breaking the bank.

With it, small business owners like yourself have been able to more effectively compete in their industry. And without throwing money into ads.  Come again?  Wish I could complicate it more for you (kidding) but it’s that simple.   

There’s just one issue.  You don’t have time to write a 500 to 1000 word blog post.  Solution?  Partner with a freedom-loving content writer who’s working to boost the Parallel Economy. | Gab icon (1)

My background

4 years of professional content writing experience.  Certifications in ♦ direct-response copywriting ♦ content marketing ♦ search marketing.  Investing in Gab† because their mission aligns with mine.  And that is building up small businesses, the lifeblood of our economy!

About Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare content writing with a patient centric touch

Elijah Shoesmith

Head of Content | Landling Page Graphics

About me

My mission is bringing integrity back to marketing.  Too many hardworking American businesses have lost faith in the profession I love.  I’m doing my part to change this with each client interaction. 

Reach out today and let’s discuss ways to elevate your business.


happy clients

About Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare content writing with a patient centric touch

“Elijah is an excellent content writer who can tackle any topic thrown at him (and we’ve given him different industries to work with). He does the necessary research to create quality content and it’s compelling as well as interesting for the reader. He is also easy to work with and requires very little editing – qualities that are a huge plus!”

God Bless!

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