Educating Future Patients With Healthcare Content Writing
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“Stay in bed longer, hike more, and use this supplement for overall balance.  Call me in the morning.”

A holistic approach to health and wellness never hurt anyone.

Well, maybe Big Pharma.  But that’s a topic for another day.

But competing for patients accustomed to conventional medicine can be tough.

If you’re ready to make it easier, read on.

Why Healthcare Content Writing Matters for Holistic Practitioners

Telemedicine exposes you to a larger patient base.  Before this is an option however, they need to know who you are.

Healthcare content writing, especially blogs:

  • Validates your credibility in natural medicine
  • Provides free education and reference material
  • Starts to build a patient-provider connection

Publishing keyword-optimized blogs twice a month will pay off.  And using social media compounds the results.

When you post, link to a relevant blog.  When you share videos, link to a relevant blog.  

That’s how you increase the reach of your medical content.

Your Medical Website Isn’t Enough

A common misconception is, “build it and they will come.”  This isn’t always true for healthcare websites.

For a basic site, the initial build will likely cost a couple thousand dollars.  Then factor in hundreds more for ongoing maintenance.  

With that kind of financial output, you figure it’d work on its own from there.  Right?

Well, not exactly.

Focusing on the SEO of your webpages does help with visibility, but you need to drive them there!  Not in a car obviously.

But through social media and regular medical blogs.

Which leads into what you truly care about.  Benefits.

Benefits of Healthcare Content Writing 

Whether you’re using a freelancer or doing it yourself, medical content writing delivers a nice return.

Instead of running expensive ad campaigns, you get to enjoy the following:

  1. Improved SEO rankings 
  2. Website traffic and exposure 
  3. Increased visibility on search engines 

And in a cost-effective manner.  

I may not agree with the business practices of Google, but they are the world’s largest search engine.  Keeping the algorithm happy with helpful content for your patients is smart.

Plus it pushes your practice website higher in search results.  

Because few people go beyond the 1st page when seeking holistic services, this is a major reward.

What if You’re Too Busy for Healthcare Content Writing?

I get it.

You didn’t get into medicine because you adore writing 500-1000 word blogs.

In fact, dictating notes from patient visits is more than enough practice for you.  Burnout is something you’d prefer to avoid.

And you probably aren’t thrilled to hear that a well-written and optimized blog can take 2 ½ – 5 hours.  Is your wrist hurting just thinking about it?

Partnering with a professional healthcare writer is the way forward.  And I just so happen to know one.

Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare Content Writing Provider

You’ve been wanting to reach a wider audience for years now.  But you can’t seem to find any traction.

You already tried ads.  

Here’s my professional opinion.  Throwing more money into advertising is a short-term and costly approach.

Just know that there’s a better way to enjoy long-term results.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing communicates the personalized care current and prospective patients receive from you.

And I’ve been doing it for clients since 2018.   

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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