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Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an industry standard for both predicting growth and patient experience.  Social listening for any mentions of your practice, and responding quickly to concerns or feedback (positive or negative) can increase this score.

Familiarity with the national healthcare system, the standards surrounding it, plus an understanding of pain points is valuable.  Outsourcing this role can offer a diminished return on investment.

Content marketing increases conversion rates, encourages brand recall and engagement, generates more leads, and costs less than traditional marketing.  Just to name a few… 

Long-form blogs (1000 – 2000 words) typically receive more backlinks and social shares than shorter blogs.  Recognizing this, Google is more likely to rank them higher in search results.

A dedicated content marketing strategy that includes social media, blogs, and webpage optimization increases the likelihood of ranking next to industry giants with bigger budgets for marketing.

Updating your current webpages with the keywords searchers will be using, like “local medical clinic,” is a great start.  Adding a regular blog offers value to current and prospective patients, and establishes you as an authority on healthcare. 

That is exactly why I’m striving to do my part in changing the digital marketing industry.  I’ve been fully remote for close to 3 years, consistently meet deadlines, and operate under the highest levels of integrity.

The majority of prospective patients will turn to your website and social media before they even consider jumping on a phone call with your practice.  Proven effective for lead generation, it’ll “warm” them up and make closing the sale easier.

Statistics, images, and trends (including medical advances) assist your patients in living healthy lives through education.  They normally come to you for that information during office visits, but a blog multiplies the impact of your medical expertise.

First, I take the time to understand the goals you’re trying to accomplish through digital marketing during an introduction phone call.  Then I craft a personalized proposal with my rates to assist you in reaching those goals.  But know that it’ll be a fraction of the cost compared to hiring internally.

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