Fear Makes Healthcare Act Illogically
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Elijahwordsmith.com | Fear Makes Healthcare Act Illogically

Walk into any medical office and try to replace a pen you just used to sign in.

Just for fun.

Despite it somehow disappearing from endless rotation on the mainstream news, you’ll discover Covid fears are very much alive.


The receptionist shook her head and directed my attention to the jar marked “clean.”  Which was confusing because the word signaled I should only put an unused pen there. 

When will those in charge allow their staff to get back to more important tasks?

Why Fear Is a Dangerous Drug

If you lost friends or family because of disagreements around the Covid vaccine, understand fear is to blame.


  • They were told the unvaccinated were a danger to them
  • They believed it

To actually observe this in action made these last few years some of the most perplexing in my lifetime.

How could healthcare professionals with advanced knowledge of viruses drink from the same cup?

Fear makes normally rational people act completely out of character.  Medical staff that entered the industry to heal now exhibited distrust for new patients instead.

In some cases, there were even questions about why they should be expected to treat the unvaccinated.  

Interestingly, most who went into hospitals for Covid were fully-vaccinated.  People who were skeptical of an unproven vaccine normally stayed home and rode it out naturally.

More Evidence for Fear Piloting the Ship

Choosing to live in a spirit of joy, peace, and confidence allowed me to enjoy countless hikes around Northern California with my wife.

Here was another laboratory for determining where people stood.

Fear would cause some hikers to cover their mouth or go off the trail when they saw us.  Outside of Covid land this would normally be considered rude in a society.

However, I chose to see it for what it was. 

They had been conditioned to avoid strangers they couldn’t vouch for.  Which was actually pretty sad.  

Fear is an ugly thing.  The Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear.  It means those who trust God don’t have to respond as the world does!

A Path Forward

To instill confidence back in a patient base, there needs to be a national outpouring of honest doctors.  And they need to reassure patients that fear is an unhealthy toxin which needs to be expelled.

By setting the example at their medical facilities, they can choose to ignore biased media and focus on the person in front of them.

The citizenry needs to stop injecting experimental vaccines into their bodies simply because Big Pharma scares them enough.

Until we unite on this front, expect less extended families to put aside their differences this Thanksgiving.

Elijah Wordsmith Combatting Fear Mongering

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