Guide to Supercharging Healthcare Digital Marketing
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Elijah Shoesmith - Guide to Supercharging Healthcare Digital Marketing To Win in Your Industry

Buzzing by at high speeds, very few drivers noticed the enormous billboard.

Promoting his medical service, the marketing agency had promised “astronomical numbers of new patients.”

But now the medical doctor realized there wasn’t an easily identifiable way to measure the return on his investment.

Traditional marketing still has a place in our digital age, but its dominance has waned courtesy of a “young” upstart.  

Enter digital marketing (insert pyrotechnic display here)!

Let’s see why you should add it…shall we?

What’s Healthcare Digital Marketing

It’s important to first address the meaning behind this term.  Also known as “conversational” marketing, it encompasses online strategies used by healthcare organizations to reach a target audience and convert them into patients.  

Some of the techniques are: 

  •     Search engine optimization (SEO)
  •     Social Media
  •     Blogs
  •     Paid Ads (PPC) 

This list is far from complete as the industry changes just about as fast as new technology hits the market.  For example, artificial intelligence is adding to the capabilities of digital marketers and the customers they serve. 

When it comes to the digital marketing career outlook, by 2023 it’s predicted Chief Marketing Officers will devote almost $150 billion of their marketing budget to it. 

The list of organizations that have adopted the strategy of boosting their online presence continues to grow.  This creates more demand for those who will help them achieve their goals. 

Having displayed the potential in this high-growth industry, we’ll next look at the skills that separate the best from the rest.

Skills Healthcare Digital Marketing Professionals Possess

One unique characteristic of this industry is the varied skill sets that are held by its practitioners.  It’s a marketplace where mathematicians, creatives, and analysts work alongside each other on a daily basis.  

College grads enter digital marketing with majors ranging all the way from journalism to communication.  A classmate was surprised his non-marketing degree positioned him for being hired on by companies hungry for his talents.  

Are you still mulling over whether to hire a digital marketer for your content needs?  It’s wise to identify any gaps in the candidate’s “toolbox” before making a major switch to uncharted territory.  

Some skills to look for: 

  •     Engaging writing style
  •     Ability to interpret data
  •     Familiarity with social media
  •     Understand consumer behavior
  •     Comfortable with learning new technology 

The skill I would put at the top of my list if I was looking to hire a digital marketer would be “teachable.”  This soft skill can separate those who are looking to collect a paycheck from those who are “hungry.”

Writing samples from this professional should draw you in right away, and clearly translate complicated healthcare language into simple terms.

Is your practice on the social media channels that prospective patients frequent?  Maybe you’re unclear on what platforms they even spend their time on.

Experienced digital marketers can assist, as you don’t need to be on all social media…just the one or two that make the most sense. 

A digital marketer’s skills and abilities trump technical knowledge of platforms, so pay attention to their experience and portfolio. 

Now that you’ve determined the skill set you want, let’s look at the benefits of marketing your practice.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Benefits

Your typical workday would probably give even the top natural planners a double take.  In-person and virtual patient visits, consultations, peer meetings, another meeting with your practice manager, the list goes on.

Because of this, the first benefit of investing in healthcare digital marketing lies in adding a steady stream of new consultations. 

And without having to dedicate any more of your precious time to lead generation.

Some other benefits:

  • Increased awareness around your practice
  • Higher rankings on Google search
  • Drive traffic to your medical website
  • Improved engagement from current patients

On a daily basis, you’re dealing with data as a medical provider.  Normally it’s around metrics associated with the operation of your practice.  Percentage of no-shows, patient satisfaction, number of new consults, and so forth.

But online marketing tools offer more data than you can sift through in order to glean actionable insights.  Hence another benefit that isn’t as flashy but is still extremely important. 

A good digital marketer can relay what’s working well, and where there’s room for improvement.  An honest assessment and readjustment to any dips ensures your investment is valued and ROI is transparent.

Trust is integral to any business relationship, so partner with someone with high integrity to supplant their marketing prowess.  

Final Thoughts on Healthcare Digital Marketing

At this point you’ve seen how important healthcare digital marketing is, and it has no plan of going away anytime soon.  So, getting on board with this online wonder is not only a good decision, it’s a wise one.

Now it’s time to find someone who can fill that need and aid you in reaching your goals. 

Of course, there’s always the option of hiring internally or asking your niece who’s always glued to Facebook, but is it the right choice?

Consider that the average salary you’ll have to pay for this role will be over $40,000…and that’s before benefits, sick pay, PTO, etc.

Don’t worry, I have a way to return your rapid breathing back to a normal pace.

There are experienced freelance solopreneurs out there ready to offer their services, whether you hire them for one project or put them on retainer.

So, if you’re a private practice doctor who needs help with content marketing…look no further! 

Elijah Wordsmith offers freelance medical content writing to grow practices through lead generation.  

Schedule a discovery call to see if I’m the right fit to help you win in the healthcare industry.

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