Healing a Divided Industry Using an Ancient Virtue
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Division is only good in math.  

Outside the four walls of a classroom however, it’s something we should exclude from our society.  But easier said than done right?

Online forums such as Facebook and Twitter have long been a breeding ground for contested viewpoints.

Especially since 2020, this has especially been true around healthcare related topics.

Thinking outside the box, I’ve instead chosen to host healing conversations on a social media outcast.  

These are my findings.

Sources of Division

It’s super simple to determine what side of the proverbial “fence” someone is on in relation to you.  Ready for the test?

Ask them whether or not they’re vaccinated and boosted.  Or the better option is to ask whether or not they trust Dr. Fauci.  You may think I’m joking, but try it out for yourself and see.

One would naturally assume the origins of this arose from within the healthcare industry itself.  Like a group of angry doctors in some dark room plotted to cause a divide between Americans.

My argument is there’s other characters playing a more pivotal role:

  1. Government
  2. Federal medical agencies
  3. Media 
  4. Big Tech 

Now, I can already hear these parties crying foul and labeling this article as misinformation and a conspiracy theory.  

But if you’ve read this far you’re someone who prefers to make your own determinations of what is true and what is not.  And I applaud you for it because you’re using critical thinking!


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) paid hundreds of media companies to speak positively about the Covid vaccine.  Fact.  

Big Tech has censored, fact-checked, and shadowbanned medical providers and holistic practitioners who promote non-FDA approved treatments for Covid.  Fact.

The White House has been the most active in their mission for herd immunity.  Side note, the term “herd immunity” bothers me since I’m not a cow.  But maybe that’s just me?

Their door-to-door vaccination campaign is one of many examples.  Biden said, 

We need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes, door to door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people. 

Hopefully you now understand why it’s unfair to lump all medical professionals as “in on it.”  Are there some benefitting from this concerted effort?  Sure.  

But the majority are selflessly helping the sick, which I’ll discuss next.

The True Story

We’re all guilty of generalizations.  It’s part of being human.

But when all doctors are lumped into the category of Dr. Kevorkian, we need to take a step back.  And be willing to engage in tough conversations which challenge our preconceived notions.

Being the moderator of an online group called “Healthcare: Real Discussions for Industry Professionals and Patients Alike” has been eye-opening.  Doctors, nurses, and patients are seeing the fog lift and truth is being revealed.

What truth am I talking about?  The one where all three realize they’ve been lied to.  

In Matthew 12:25 Jesus says,

…every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

Looking at the four sources of division from earlier, it’s obvious who benefits from a breakdown in the provider-patient relationship.  And it’s not healthcare itself.

Why Go to All the Trouble?

With a push for socialized medicine, it makes sense to first bankrupt the current medical system.  Then it can be purchased at a significant discount and “rescued.”

The current burden on the U.S. healthcare system can be compared to Atlas holding up the world.

Some current strains:

  • Rural hospitals closing
  • Nursing shortage
  • National blood shortage
  • Unboosted employees testing twice a week

These are just a few recent examples, but those still on the front lines could surely list more.  And professionals in leadership positions understand it even more clearly than the “worker bees.”

Putting the pieces together isn’t easy as they seem unrelated at first glance.  But by engaging with both patients and medical workers it starts to become a little more clear.

Unity is what’s needed, not more division.

Healing Starts With Forgiveness

Regardless how I feel about the forces at work behind the scenes, the fact is people have lost loved ones to this virus.  And some have even lost family because of vaccine-related complications.

It’s understandable their family members want answers so they can heal and move forward themselves.  But how does that happen?

  1. Patients need to be able to ask hard questions of those in the industry
  2. Those in the industry need their turn to share how they’ve been affected

This is a great start but there’s one thing that needs to happen before any meaningful change can occur.  

Forgiveness.  It means choosing not to be bitter even if you were wronged.

A popular quote I’ve heard is,

Bitterness is the only poison one willingly ingests thinking it’ll hurt the other person. 

The enemy is not the nurse who worked a 12+ hour shift trying to comfort the patient.  Neither is it the family member who got emotionally upset when they couldn’t visit their dying loved one.

Shedding Light on Darkness

The real enemy is the one encouraging infighting among those delivering the care and those receiving it.  

Until common ground is achieved by the unwilling participants in this drama, these forces will continue to sow division.  

So perhaps it’s time to say,

No, I’m not going to be a pawn.  I’ve seen great examples of compassion in the medical industry and know there’s good people in it.  Find somebody else to exacerbate things!

When patients link arms with providers and work towards a common good, watch out!

Elijah Wordsmith Helping Out

Since I opened my virtual doors last June, I’ve been doing my part in facilitating open dialogue among those directly affected by the battle against Covid-19.

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