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Fact: healthcare is slower than other industries to adopt online technology and remain competitive.

Sure, HIPAA plays a part in why your heavily regulated industry generally lags behind.  But is this reason enough to be closed off to its potential?   

Buck this trend through relationship marketing!  Healthcare prides itself on being patient-centric, and the next best medium after in-person is a digital one.

Patients already use digital tools for their care:

  • Telemedicine
  • Online patient portals

In the alternative healthcare industry, it makes sense to extend these online interactions.  Maybe you’ve already had this thought and are seeking to add a professional to your staff.

What is the Cost for an Internal Content Marketer?

According to PayScale:

  • Average salary (US) for a content writer is $49,274
  • Average salary (US) for a social media coordinator is $41,232

O, and don’t forget the other benefits you must offer to supplement their base salary.  

Healthcare content marketing staffing can create some real issues for holistic practitioners.  But does that need to be the case?

Elijah Wordsmith healthcare marketing

What if you could offload both of these responsibilities to a freelancer like myself…and for almost 10x less than it’d take to hire a full-time employee?

Just consider it for a minute.

With experience in each, I benefit your holistic practice through:

    • Shorter turnaround time
    • Higher quality content
    • Avoid a content mill
    • Niche expert for future projects
    • Additional digital marketing skills
    • On the pulse of SEO best practices
    • More personalized customer service  

Plus I relay easy to understand content marketing strategies for your natural healing practice.

Content Marketing Services for You

Why Use Healthcare Content Marketing

Traditional media such as television and direct mail used to rule the day, but were an expensive way to raise awareness and generate phone calls.  

Well it’s a new day.  Now content marketing has moved to the forefront and continues to shape the medical landscape.

Surely you’ve recognized this, or else you wouldn’t be here would you?

According to Hubspot, there are 4 healthcare content marketing trends to pay attention to:

  1. SEO-enhanced pages
  2. Dedicated content marketing strategy
  3. Google-optimized website
  4. Online accessibility of your practice

Professional freelance content marketing services make these possible.  Understanding these trends will continue to play a central role in the future, now’s the time to adopt it for your holistic practice! 

What’s contributed to the growth of hiring online marketing experts?

Among American’s, there’s been a continual shift to the internet for every question they have about their health.

They start with Google to find top doctors in their area, read reviews, then move to your website.  Or they may search inside of Facebook while they respond to their friends.  

Either way, it’s worth making room in your budget and investing in a content marketing strategy.  

Why should you make that investment?  A deep dive into all things marketing exposes freelance wordsmith’s to proven methods for growing your holistic practice.   

Elijah Shoesmith DigitalMarketer Certifications

Elijah Wordsmith

Specializing in content writing for holistic practitioners, speaking to your prospective and current patients comes naturally.

Since 2018, experience has further sharpened my writing.  Mentored by two successful digital marketers and assisted by professional courses, I’ve quickly adapted to various ways of driving results. 

I also understand the inner workings of a clinical office and hospital having worked for 10 years in:

  • Medical records
  • Radiation therapy
  • Urgent care
  • Gastroenterology

Additionally, I understand what patients are going through via a serious childhood diagnosis which required years of treatment. 

Conducting healthcare market research allows me to learn more about your target audience, and put myself in their shoes before I strike a single key on my computer.

It’d be my privilege to make others aware of the exceptional care you provide day in and day out.

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