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Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare Content Writing

The fact is, holistic and freelance providers benefit the most from healthcare content writing.

Online censorship and shadowbanning are real barriers for your healing services.  But only temporary ones.

Writing tools to help you remove the obstructions:

  1. Blogs
  2. Webpages

Why Use Healthcare Content Writing

Words only become impactful when they:

  • Are relevant to the target audience
  • Use the proper tone and voice
  • Stay on brand
  • Grab immediate attention

Anyone can put together a basic blog.  But it takes something innate deep inside a writer for online messaging to create a desired action from prospective patients.

My professional medical background eliminates sensitivities writing content for healthcare.

Understanding HIPAA means I take patient privacy very seriously.  Even before the first sentences are written, priority number one is protecting your patient’s information.

Next, your blog or webpage generates interest in possibly joining your practice.

At that point the buyer’s journey is passed off to you for closing and acquiring that patient.  And just remember, they will have already progressed partially through the sales process before you even speak. 

Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare Content Writing

Freelancer Partnership for Your Practice

When you hire internally or bring on a marketing agency, the human element that is such a central tenet of healthcare relationships can be lost.

What is the cost for an internal medical blog writer?

According to PayScale:

  • Average salary is $50,267

For much less than it’d take to hire a full-time employee, offload this responsibility to an experienced wordsmith. 

Offering more flexibility than a staff member, my services can be on a monthly or per project basis.  You only pay for what you need.

Elijah Wordsmith healthcare marketing

My process

  1. Learning about your ideal patient
  2. Keyword research
  3. Review articles on the desired topic
  4. Draft writing
  5. Create an eye-catching headline
  6. Add internal links from your website
  7. Editing and organizing final copy
Elijah Shoesmith Content Marketing Certifications

Elijah Wordsmith

As a freelance medical writer who applies SEO best practices, my promise to you is two-fold:

  1. Increase the awareness around your practice online
  2. Support your desire to offer an alternative to “mainstream” medicine

Even if Big Tech prevents you from advertising on their platforms.

15 years of experience between healthcare marketing and the medical field are at your disposal.

Share with me your vision and I’ll relay how healthcare content writing can transform your practice! | Service pages

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