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Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare Content Writing

Some artists use a paintbrush and easel to emit emotions through their creativity-infused canvas.  

Others pick up a pen or strike a keyboard to “paint” an appealing picture and drive action from a prospective patient.  

My canvases:

  • Blogs
  • Webpages

Hiring the right freelance medical writer yields content that drives clicks to a 24/7 sales generating machine.  Your website.

For healthcare marketing in general, medical content writing is integral to success.  How?

There are three main ways:

  1. Creates loyal customers
  2. Cost savings over traditional marketing
  3. Increases revenue

More holistic practitioners are awakening to the reality that traditional marketing is quickly losing ground to its digital cousin.  Healthcare content writing is a major piece of that.

Although direct mailers and other forms of physical marketing still work, leaders within alternative healthcare are seeking more help in using online mediums to scale their practices.

When you hire internally or bring on a large marketing organization, the human element that is such a central tenet of healthcare relationships can be lost.

What is the cost for an internal medical blog writer?

According to PayScale:

  • Average salary (US) for a content writer is $49,274

By the way…this doesn’t factor in other benefits you offer to supplement their base salary.

Elijah Wordsmith healthcare marketing

Picture being able to offload this responsibility to myself for 16x less than what it’d take to hire a full-time employee.  How does that sound?  

With 13 years of experience between content writing and healthcare, I benefit your practice by:

  • Delivering a shorter turnaround time
  • Creating higher quality content
  • Helping you avoid a content mill
  • Giving you a niche expert for future projects
  • Leveraging additional marketing skills
  • Being on the pulse of SEO best practices
  • Providing more personalized customer service  

Here’s where Elijah Wordsmith really shines!

Elijah Wordsmith Healthcare Content Writing

Why Use Healthcare Content Writing

A professional medical background eliminates sensitivities writing content for healthcare.  Why?

Understanding the ins and outs of HIPAA instills a serious view of patient privacy.  Protecting it at all costs becomes priority number one. 

You want someone like myself who thrives working remotely, and can consistently meet deadlines across different time zones.  Dedicated project management software allows me to keep your projects organized and on schedule. 

Writing is more than throwing some sentences together and hoping for the best.  And messaging should be crafted that attracts prospects to your natural health practice.  

At that point the buyer’s journey is passed off to you for closing and acquiring that patient.  And just remember, they will have already progressed partially through the sales process before you even speak.  

Words only become impactful when they:

  • Are relevant to the target audience
  • Use the proper tone and voice
  • Stay on brand
  • Grab immediate attention
  • Fulfill the practice objectives

That’s why as a “seasoned veteran” in the field of healthcare content writing, I make strategy a primary focus before even lifting my hands to create a blog or webpage.

In order to generate a solid return on your investment I start by learning about your ideal patient.

Next, research will be conducted to discover what medical topics resonate with your desired market.

This also involves keyword research, plus crafting an attractive headline to garner attention and increase clicks.  

Finally, this written copy is organized, edited, and optimized to increase the likelihood of ranking organically on Google.   

Elijah Shoesmith Content Marketing Certifications

Healthcare Content Marketing and Elijah Wordsmith

Whether it’s your next blog or web page, I know how to write great SEO optimized content for a medical website.  Writing is my talent, but applying it to grow your holistic practice is my passion.

With 13 years of industry experience, I’ve worked in: 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Medical Records
  • Radiation Therapy 
  • Urgent Care
  • Gastroenterology

Exposure to the inner workings of the healthcare industry facilitates a quicker adjustment to your specific alternative health practice.

Writing long form (500-1000 words) content that converts and grows the online presence of holistic health clients is what I do best.  My promise is to deliver content on time that requires very little (if any) editing the very first time you see it.   

Take the first step towards sharpening your online messaging!
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