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Especially when talking about prospective patients, if your holistic practice isn’t easy to find online…they won’t make the extra effort to search it out.

This statement appears straightforward, but how do you increase your chances of showing up every time?

Healthcare SEO assists searchers, and a coordinated strategy will put you at the top of a SERP (search engine results page).  

Healthcare specific keywords are the term a potential patient will use when conducting an online search.  “Top holistic doctor near me” is one example.

As Google penalizes stuffing them in places that don’t make sense, they need to be included naturally in the flow of your written copy.  This ensures readability and ranking are both taken into consideration!

What is the cost to internally hire a medical SEO writer?

According to PayScale:

  • Average salary (US) is $49,274

You should also be aware, this number doesn’t include sick days, vacations, or benefits.

Elijah Wordsmith healthcare marketing

Now imagine for over 16x less than it’d take to hire a full-time employee being able to offload this responsibility to myself.  How does that sound?  

Benefits for your practice:

  • Delivering a shorter turnaround time
  • Creating higher quality content
  • Helping you avoid a content mill
  • Giving you a niche expert for future projects
  • Leveraging additional marketing skills
  • Being on the pulse of SEO best practices
  • Providing more personal customer service 

Taking advantage of those benefits will equate to significant cost savings for your alternative health practice.  How?

Rather than having to court an SEO expert AND a content writer, they’re combined into a single package (me) to help you win in the healthcare industry.

SEO for healthcare providers doesn’t need to be a confusing topic, and partnering with Elijah Wordsmith makes it even less so. 

Content marketing services for you:

Why Healthcare SEO is Important

SEO for holistic medical practices is an underutilized and misunderstood topic for many practitioners.  Especially those who’ve built their practices through more traditional means. 

They figure only tech people like developers speak the language of search engine optimization, and end up missing out on its massive potential.

If that’s you, it’s time to shatter this misconception.  

It’s realistic and possible to increase the visibility of your content to Google and other search engines by simply partnering with an experienced freelance content writer.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

There are two types of SEO:

  1. Off-page  
  2. On-page  

On-page is the less technical of the two, and the quickest to implement.  Whether it’s a blog or webpage on your site, this hidden gem makes Google stop and take notice.  And that is what helps your content rank.  

That’s important because people rarely go beyond the first couple of pages when performing a search.

Step one in this proven process is to ensure everything you put out online will be:

  • Share-worthy
  • Compelling 
  • Keyword optimized

If you hit all three you’ll answer the searchers’ query, attract searchers and engines, earn links, citations, and amplification.  Truthfully, every one of these is extremely valuable and will translate to dollars and cents. 

You know what?  Scratch cents, you’re focused on serious growth here! 

Since you now understand why SEO for healthcare matters, let’s make it matter for your holistic medical practice.

Elijah Shoesmith DigitalMarketer SEO Certification

Elijah Wordsmith

I know how to make medical posts engaging.  SEO involves the components that will get more eyes to your website.  

A willingness to receive feedback and adjust the writing style as needed sets me apart from many freelance writers, who may get the job done but won’t deliver the total package.  The total package is:

  • Engaging SEO content for healthcare
  • Client account management experience
  • Exceptional customer service
  • US based college graduate
  • Strong follow through on deadlines

Look at me as your partner in generating quality prospects, creating excitement around your holistic medical practice, and elevating your digital marketing efforts to the level it deserves.

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