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Catchy and to the point…that is how social media for healthcare turns prospects into patients. 

Herein lies the beauty of compelling people to action with fewer words.

Some top business channels:

  • LinkedIn
  • Gab
  • And more…

Of course, not all of these social media platforms for healthcare need to be used…just the 1-2 where your target market spends extensive time.

I specialize in organic social media.  Unlike paid ads, there’s no need to allocate a daily budget.

Creativity and originality direct prospects to your website, earning traffic without an additional investment in ads.

What is the cost to hire an internal social media coordinator?

Consider that according to PayScale:

  • Average salary (US) is $41,232

Add in benefits and you have a hefty cost to your practice.  Healthcare social media thus stands to benefit from another option.

Elijah Wordsmith healthcare marketing

Imagine offloading this responsibility to myself for almost 26x less than it’d cost to hire a full-time employee.  How does that sound?  

With over 14 years of experience between content writing and healthcare, I benefit your practice by:

  • Delivering a shorter turnaround time
  • Creating higher quality content
  • Helping you avoid a content mill
  • Giving you a niche expert for future projects
  • Leveraging additional marketing skills
  • Providing more personalized customer service 

It takes an expert to pair a relevant image or video with a catchy couple of sentences on a post, and produce prospect activity in the form of clicks.

Here’s where Elijah Wordsmith really shines!

Other content marketing services for you:

Importance of Social Media in Healthcare

Why is healthcare social media marketing important for your holistic practice?

There are three main reasons:

  1. Raising patient awareness
  2. Increasing website traffic
  3. Building conversions

For the typical user, time spent accessing social media sites amounts to 15% of their waking hours.

This pillar of digital marketing is a tool to “grease” the sales funnel before they even reach your practice website.  How?

Potential patients don’t rely solely on Google to search alternative health providers when they have a need.  Especially on Facebook, these prospects use social media for healthcare research.

If your target patient is on Facebook and you don’t have a presence there, how are they supposed to find you?

What about using social media in healthcare patient communication?

Encouraging conversations around the content you share, it’ll secondarily help you get a barometer on patient satisfaction.  As you already know, this metric is extraordinarily important!

Through messaging that drives action, holistic practitioners:

  • Get discovered 
  • Grow their practice 

Social media for healthcare marketing is the “shortcut” for alternative medical practices to compete with the larger players.

Most medical providers want to scale their practice and expand the locations they serve.  But without a big enough margin between revenue and cost, this endeavor can appear to be a large, impassible mountain.

Rather than climbing uphill to catch up with competitors, why not become “king of the hill” by leveraging this lucrative tool to meet your practice goals and increase profitability?

That’s where I come in…

Elijah Shoesmith Social Media Certifications

Elijah Wordsmith

As a small business owner myself, I can totally understand your desire to personally be involved in every decision.  But in order to grow and focus on your expertise (patient care), delegating content creation is a great first step! 

Driving prospects to your website for eventual conversion is my ultimate goal and it’s accomplished via targeted daily messages showing up in social media feeds.

Being able to translate data on a regular basis and explain it in simple terms is another skill of mine.  That data is delivered to your email monthly via detailed reports for consumption at your leisure.

My experience is in amplifying messaging for holistic practitioners to reach those most likely to become patients.

Using social media for healthcare providers to garner a larger “slice of the pie,” I deliver real results through exceptional written communication. 

Take the first step towards sharpening your online messaging!
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