Healthcare Vaccine Mandate Hits Close to Home
Elijah Shoesmith

Elijah Shoesmith

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“We’re happy to welcome you to the family, on one condition,” stated the hiring manager.

“Of course, what is it?” inquired RN Suzy.

“Well, just this little item of giving up your bodily autonomy. So, I’m assuming you’re good with me administering it now?”

“Not at all!” exclaimed Suzy.

“Even if we offer you free donuts?”

Maybe this scenario gave you a chuckle, but the facts are no laughing matter.

Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers

Although the Supreme Court struck down OSHA’s rule to require business compliance, it didn’t apply to the healthcare vaccine mandate. 

Were you aware of that?  If the media’s been doing its job, the answer is likely no.

With family members facing the possibility of termination for a refusal on religious grounds, this still resonates with me months later.

California “Leading” the Way

The California healthcare worker vaccine mandate contains lots of medical gibberish.  

But the most recent update as of September 2022 recommends that “all workers stay up to date on COVID-19 and other vaccinations.”  Sounds harmless enough.

That is until you understand the CDC has moved the goalposts.  Choosing to modify what “up to date” means was a creative way to avoid altering the definition of “fully vaccinated.”

But it did change.

Just ask the frontline heroes in the U.S. healthcare system who are now required to get a booster.  And who’s to say governing bodies won’t keep updating this every 6 months?

This is in addition to the state’s threat to providers’ medical licenses should they question the present narrative. That gem went into effect September 30th, 2022. 

Shifting gears, I want to compare how the industry deals with the flu.  Perhaps there’s lessons we can pull out and apply to the ‘Rona situation.

Is There a Government Mandate for Flu Vaccine Among Healthcare Workers?

Not technically.  But those who don’t get it have to sign a document and wear a mask during influenza season.

Perhaps they’re trying to annoy them into compliance?

There have been cases of the unofficial flu mandate being a condition of employment in the past however.  

An enlightening 2019 article by Michael B. Edmond had three important findings:

  1. Vaccinating healthcare workers doesn’t reduce cases in hospitalized patients
  2. Available evidence doesn’t warrant threatening a person’s employment
  3. Masking unvaccinated workers doesn’t significantly decrease transmission

His solution to this issue was pretty simple and would surely be welcomed.

  • Make the vaccination program voluntary and keep sick workers home

He found that presenteeism, or working while ill, was a much greater concern for the U.S. healthcare system.

Let’s wrap up.

Elijah Wordsmith and the Healthcare Vaccine Mandate

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