Holistic Medicine Guide to Social Media Part 3
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Elijahwordsmith.com | Holistic Medicine Guide to Social Media Part 3

You’re no stranger to adversity.

Because the holistic industry is often targeted by allopathic medicine overseers.


But you should view this situation in a positive light.  It frees you to innovate in how you approach online marketing.

This final part of our discussion on Gab will present further evidence for its use in your practice.

Today, be empowered to move forward boldly!

Alternative Social Media Giant

Previously, I helped you lay the groundwork and talked about video and groups.  

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at its ability to spread your message.

Healthcare social media is fitting for a platform that stands alone among conservative social media alternatives.  

Features you have access to:

  1. Ads
  2. Voice
  3. Marketplace

Breaking Down The Various Features

Unlike Big Tech, Gab won’t sell your data to advertisers.  But it does allow small businesses like yours to reach a wider audience.

Their targeting has improved since the launch of GabAds.  So, experiment with the $10 a day minimum.

Setting up a campaign is easy and you have choices on where it will show up within Gab.

Basic analytics relay your return on investment (ROI) from a user-friendly dashboard.  

Voice is their substitute for Zoom.  

Use it for remote consultations.  Or follow up visits.  And enjoy contact with a broader patient base.  

All in a secure, in-house videoconferencing environment.  

The early product has some kinks to work out.  But the track record of Gab programmers proves that it will improve.

Finally, the Marketplace is similar to Facebook’s offering.  You can list your services and prices.  

Opening up a new source for prospective patients.

An interested party can send you a direct message for more information.  You can then take it offline to a phone call.  Or extend your sales process using Voice.

Elijahwordsmith.com | Gab guide 5

Next, I’ll address any concern you have about HIPAA violations.

Private Social Media Apps Align With HIPAA

Healthcare content writing is a more sensitive area than in other industries.

Whether you have a professional license or not, ensuring patient privacy is important.  Because maintaining trust will ultimately help your profitability.  

Gab is a confidentiality-focused social media app.  Even among other conservative options, it alone can support that claim.

Just make sure you have a signed medical release if a patient success story will be featured.  

Either as a post.  Or blog.  Pretty much anywhere on an online asset of yours.

Gab’s privacy policy aims to:

  • Strike the balance between user rights and public safety
  • Treat all users by American standards ie. the Constitution

Reviewing the policies of other “free speech” platforms includes exceptions to these necessary rights.  

Elijahwordsmith.com | Gab guide 6

To conclude, I’ll share something we have in common.

Elijah Wordsmith And Healthcare Social Media

We both believe that your natural options need to get in front of patients.  Something the other side of medicine works against.

My medical content writing business is the megaphone for your private practice.

Based in the US, project management software and marketing tools allow me to consistently meet your deadlines and exceed expectations.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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