How To Follow 2021 Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends
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Artificial intelligence…changing algorithms…handheld “supercomputers”…o my!  

It’s enough to make one’s head spin right?

New technology sometimes seems to become old news as soon as you’ve got a decent grasp on its capabilities.  

Rather than scratch your head and wonder which health tech is actually worth your investment, allow me to fill in the blanks.

Besides, you’ve got enough on your plate running a thriving medical practice!

Shall we?  

Digital Marketing Tips for Your Medical Website

When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, there’s one component that should be updated periodically to keep pace with technological changes…your website.

Okay, so this news may not be earth shattering.  But it doesn’t minimize the reality that this flagship of your online presence needs to be exceptional and user friendly.

Responsive web design enables users to have a seamless (and non-frustrating) experience on their tablet, desktop, or smartphone.  

Other benefits:

  1. Easier website discovery
  2. Keeps searchers on site longer
  3. Trust and positive brand recognition

Your target market is searching for medical care on their smartphones.  Because of this, Google rewards mobile friendly healthcare sites.  

It goes without saying, those that aren’t configured properly…will actually be penalized.  This looks like your website appearing lower in SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Mobile users presuppose any web page they visit will load in five seconds or less.  This is confirmed by a higher bounce rate over tablets.

Rapid loading that unveils a crisp, clean site will boost the total time each visitor sticks around for.  And the longer they stay, the greater the probability they’ll become a new patient. 

Healthcare digital marketing trends are valuable because organizations that are on the pulse are viewed as more trustworthy.  When you’re seen as a thought leader in your industry, lead generation becomes much more painless!

Knowing this information, I recommend hiring a professional web designer when you’re ready for a brand new website or a makeover.  Most content management systems (CMS) like WordPress allow beginners to get something up, but odds are…it won’t look too amazing.

How Digital Marketing Will Get Your Practice Found

Did you ever play the pool game Marco Polo as a kid?  If you did, how successful would you have been if the other participants never answered your call of “Marco?”

A disjointed plan on how to increase the visibility of your practice will hinder progress, but this doesn’t need to be so.  Digital marketing trends in healthcare ebb and flow but one goal stays the same.

Using the insights gleaned to get found by potential patients!   

“But I’m already on Google, isn’t that enough?”

That’s a great start, but do you have a Google My Business page?  A couple other places you should have a profile:

  • Facebook Business
  • WebMD
  • Other relevant healthcare sites

Accessibility of your medical practice across the internet can be assisted by a tool I’ve personally used.  It’s called BrightLocal and can really help with local SEO.

Their citation builder is a feature that enables you to:

  • Clean up existing citations
  • Remove duplicate citations
  • Build citations on key sites
  • Own and keep your listings

An orchestrated effort in these key areas will tremendously boost your online reputation.  Combined with the acquisition of patient reviews, increased traffic to your website is the natural result.  

Another tip is to make it simpler for patients to make appointments online.  This frees up your phone lines for prospects to become convinced of the viability of you as their healthcare provider.

Is the booking option easy to find on your website?  Highlighting it on your home page with a banner or pronounced text can help!  

Future of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Chatbots are already making waves across many industries, and medical digital marketing has taken notice as well.

Let me define this technology before we go any further.  They are intelligent computer programs that use algorithms to engage in voice or text conversations.  

According to Crunchbase, venture capitalists have infused over $800 million in a number of startups with health chatbots.

Before you imagine a world with robots having taken over a la The Terminator, allow me to display benefits to your practice.  

  • Management of medications
  • Quick solutions for basic medical questions
  • More organized patient care
  • Emergency situation assistance

Healthcare marketing in the digital times continues to evolve, and it’s worth entertaining as (if nothing else) a digital personal assistant.  

Having worked in the front office of multiple medical clinics, one aforementioned benefit stands out…quick solutions to patient questions. Screening requests for basic information such as the office address or hours, the “virtual receptionist” would decrease call wait time and volume.  

This in turn frees up your staff to:

  1. Talk with/convert prospective patients 
  2. Schedule appointments for current patients
  3. Deliver more personable care to in-house patients

In the realm of lead generation and customer service, this new trend also shows promise.  How?

By the time an actual human gets on the line with a person seeking a new provider, they’d already have progressed partially through the sales cycle.  

After all, isn’t a warm lead more appealing than a cold lead?  Hint hint the answer is a definite affirmative!

I found a list of healthcare chatbots to consider adding to your practice to peruse at your leisure.

Elijah Wordsmith and Healthcare Marketing Trends

Now that you have an idea on some exciting trends for 2021…what do you do with that knowledge?

Well for one thing, having a dedicated marketer who spends time outside of “work” to stay up on the ever evolving digital landscape can be time saving and beneficial.

My freelance writing business is backed by industry experience in both healthcare and digital marketing.  Combining the two allows each original blog or social media post to resonate with your target audience.

With access to modern technology and customer service sharpened while working in busy medical offices, I bring a personable approach to growing your online presence.   

My promise is to deliver content on time that requires very little (if any) editing the very first time you see it.   

Schedule a discovery call to see if I’m the right fit to help you win in the healthcare industry.

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