Increased Adoption of Low Frequency Devices in Medicine
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As a patient, it’s hard enough to select the best care path.  Especially when you don’t have all the facts.

And what if the doctor isn’t aware of all the options either?

Well then, you have the healthcare system in the United States.  No joke.

Far from the “quackery” label attached to it, the medicine of frequency has been around for some time.

Enter with an open mind, and see what you discover!

What Is Frequency Medicine?

The Alliance for Natural Health International put out an in-depth article on low frequency devices in medicine.

It was pretty heady for me.  But it does offer much better information on this topic than I can hope to provide.  Check it out for additional study.

We should first define this lesser known area of alternative health.

My best attempt at a definition is as follows:

  • The application of specific frequencies to restore the balance in the body of a patient

Feel free to fact check me on that if you’d like.  I’m always open to feedback.

Already a part of diagnostics, its providers want to also use it for preventative and curative purposes.  

The discipline uses established knowledge on electromagnetic fields.  Specifically the effects of electromagnetic waves on our bodies.

Although I don’t agree with all religious interpretations of the holistic industry, there’s definitely something to it.

Let’s just say, I have personal experience to back it up.

Having completed our overview, it’s time to look at specific examples.

Can Frequency Medicine Therapy Improve Patient Outcomes?

Above, I mentioned how frequency medicine is already in use.

Diagnostic examples:

  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • Electroencephalograms (EEGs)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs)

You can find them inside every American hospital.  

And I would argue that this function has already improved outcomes.  Because these tests can find major issues in the body.  

But maybe their application could be extended to the next logical step.  Treatment.

By applying weak electrical currents via medical devices, chronic pain and diseases could potentially improve.

Albert Einstein wasn’t a doctor.  He was rather intelligent however.

He is quoted as saying,

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.

We may never know the answer however.  Why?

Big Pharma has no desire to allow competition for its dominance of the U.S. healthcare system.  And they have plenty of lobbyists in Washington D.C. to secure their market share.

When you get a poor prognosis, it’s nice to have options.  That’s why this and other specialities within alternative health need their message out there.

And medical content writing is the medium to do it.

Elijah Wordsmith Partner of Alternative Health

Hopefully you learned something about frequency medicine. 

And now I want to speak directly to its practitioners.

My healthcare content writing business helps your private practice that’s focused on natural health options.

Based in the US, my background in the medical industry helps readers relate to the words I pen on your behalf.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online! 

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