Reasons to Start a Naturopath Blog
Elijah Shoesmith

Elijah Shoesmith

Christ follower, husband, and content writer seeking to enrich our world through messaging and other online means. Proudly keeping my advertising dollars away from Big Tech, and reinvesting them in free speech platforms. #ParallelEconomy | Reasons to Start a Naturopath Blog

As humans, we love complicating simple concepts.  

Call it nature, but it gets in the way of progress. Namely, that of your naturopathic practice.

I want to rectify this issue.  By giving you a straightforward guide to launching a medical blog. 

We’ll address benefits, the process, and some other basics.  Let’s begin!

Why a Natural Medicine Blog is Important

Your naturopath blog informs current and potential patients of your services.  Sure, you do have other mediums for that purpose. 

Additional channels:

  • Social media
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Television

But many of them have guidelines against promoting holistic medicine.  Blame Big Pharma and others for that.

Creating a blog which is hosted on a website that you own is different.  

You could argue that Google will try to censor or limit your reach.  That may be true.

However, creative healthcare content writing can still get it in front of your target audience.  Those being folks who avoid allopathic medicine.

Because there’s a push for privacy-focused search engines like Brave.  Providing you with other ways to show up and rank.

Steps to launch:

  1. Design a dedicated blog page
  2. Add it to the menu on your website
  3. Start pushing out helpful content
  4. Extend its reach on social media

 There’s plenty of actionable details I left out, but this is the simplified process. | Gab guide15

Increasing Visibility for Your Naturopath Website

Medical content writing combines industry experience with a knack for words.

Despite false promises from unethical marketers, your website doesn’t instantly become an internet hit.  It takes a consistent strategy of regular blogs.

You might consider these 500 to 1000 word articles the bait which reel in searchers.  

By offering valuable medical information, authority is displayed before they even land on your online hub.

Possible blog topics:

  • Popularity of naturopathy
  • Misconceptions about its legitimacy
  • Natural remedies to avoid the doctor
  • Education background of naturopathic practitioners

When you start off, the idea of putting out a blog every week is daunting.  So, write one a month.  Or two.

The point is that you need to tell Brave, Google, and others, “Hey, I’m creating helpful, relevant content readers enjoy.”  

Which leads them to index your blogs.  Placing you in searches and allowing you to rank for keywords.  Your ultimate goal in this endeavor.

And the payoff?


  1. Increased website traffic
  2. Save money over advertising
  3. Establish credibility from the get-go

If your practice is doing well, time may be a luxury that you don’t have. 

Consider this:

  • A 1000 word blog can take a professional writer 4 hours or more

Unless you have 10 extra hours lying around, it might make sense to hand off this responsibility.

To wrap up, I’ll offer an answer to your time constraints for writing a blog. | Gab guide16

Elijah Wordsmith Holistic Health Marketing

Marketing for holistic practitioners doesn’t need to break the bank.  Or be ineffective.

My freelance writing is the megaphone for naturopathy.

Based in the US, I’m passionate about the censored option of holistic health.  More Americans need to know about it.

Elijah Wordsmith relays the more individualized care patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your naturopathic practice towards standing out online!  

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