Recession Stinks for America but Not for Freelancers
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In business and in life, change is good.

Those who embrace it typically come out in a better place.  That can be in personal or professional development.

But ask these same folks if changes in the economy are positive and watch their reaction.

You may get some blank stares.  With an upcoming financial slump, many companies are in a panic.

However, if you’re part of the gig economy, allow me to switch your thinking.

Expert Prediction To Encourage Freelancers

Likely you’ve already felt the effects from a looming recession.  Even if you don’t believe we’re in one.

Recently, marketing expert Rand Fiskin spoke about the subject at a virtual conference I attended.  He highlighted how CEO’s adjust their online advertising budget in response.

But decreased spending on ads presents a unique opportunity for freelance healthcare content writing

I’ll explain more in a bit.  But first, allow me to share an example from ancient times.  Okay, maybe not that long ago.

Freelancer Lessons From the Last Recession

13 years have passed since our previous major economic downturn.  And it presents some evidence to support Rand’s prediction.

A few statistics to note:

You may think $20 billion dollars is a large number, and it is.  But the stagnation and eventual decrease in CEO’s payments to advertisers was notable. 

And now the fun part.  Talking about potential shifts that favor solopreneurs.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurial-Minded Freelancers

Where did those advertising dollars go during the recession?  Did C-suite executives put it in a safe somewhere?


It simply got redistributed to the trade I’ve put my heart into learning.

  • supports this argument by stating 2007 was pivotal as “a new industry emerged centered around ways to produce quick-churn content through pooled resources.”

Also known as modern content marketing.

No Freelancer Is Nostradamus

Freelance medical writers survive by adjusting to trends and finding a profitable niche.  This is required to compete with larger budget agencies.

It’s impossible to predict the future, but using a historical trend can help you make educated guesses.

I join Mr. Fishkin in the hope that the next few years will be a unique time for solopreneurs.  Please don’t misinterpret this statement.  

I love this country and wouldn’t ever wish for what a recession will do to it. 

However, I also support small businesses taking a bigger piece of the pie from corporations.

But simply realizing an opportunity doesn’t equate to success.  There are steps that must be taken in the right direction.

Elijah Wordsmith Partnering With Freelancers

Wordsmith content writing is your partner to make that first step easier.

I previously worked with physicians, PA’s, and NP’s for a decade in an administrative role.  


  • Gastroenterology
  • Urgent Care
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Medical Records

Now I come alongside them to boost their online messaging.

And over the last 4 years, my pen has been regularly sharpened through SEO and clear writing.

You have a gift that others need.  But they won’t find it online unless you have a dedicated strategy.

Share with me your vision and I’ll relay how healthcare content marketing can transform your practice! 

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