Reduce the Effects of Medical Shadowbanning
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Social media platform X is pushing a tagline called “freedom of speech, not freedom of reach.”  Natural healers should be wary.

This strange take on the 1st amendment is all about shadowbanning. 

Become educated on this secretive practice.  And learn how to get your holistic content in front of patients.

Bypass the gatekeepers.

Let’s expose this censorship together!

Shadowbanning Definition

The more subtle cousin of deplatforming, Wisconsin Senate Bill 582 2021 provides a solid definition of shadowbanning.

“…to limit or eliminate the exposure of a user, or content or material posted by a user, to other users of the social media Internet site through any means, regardless of whether the action is determined by an individual or an algorithm, and regardless of whether the action is readily apparent to a user.”

Influencers like Dr. Simon Gold, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and Dr. Alan Bradford can probably offer their own definitions.  Which are based on personal experience.

Consequences for patients:

  1. Decreases the ability to make informed medical decisions
  2. Negatively affects quality of life and overall health

We need look no further than the amount of unexplained sudden death cases to see the impact.  Watch the shocking documentary “Died Suddenly” for evidence. 

It abounded through the silencing of health experts for unpopular COVID views.  But it will only increase as the World Health Organization (WHO) pushes its agenda.

Popular platforms using it:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • X
  • TikTok

Next, I’ll help you get around this quelling of your voice. | Shadowban graphic 1

How to Get Rid of Shadowban

Don’t expect a message from Facebook saying, “You’ve been shadowbanned.  Here’s the process to get back in our good graces.”

But you can make an educated guess:

  1. Compare the historical data from before you noticed a drop
  2. Talk with peers who discovered similar findings
  3. Review each platform’s policy for sharing medical information

As your following increases, so should your metrics.  Such as comments, views, shares, and likes.

Assuming you’re putting out quality, relevant posts. 

If this isn’t the case, suspect a possible shadowban.  It can be frustrating if you’ve put lots of effort into social media marketing.

Use that as fuel to speak even more freely.

This once-hidden practice is coming to light a bit more each day.  That’s great news for your industry.

Now I’ll share the number one way to get rid of a shadowban.   

Give your holistic health marketing a fighting chance by joining Gab.  The only true free speech social media platform.

But a warning. 

The lack of fact-checks, shadowbanning, and other forms of censorship may be shocking.  In a good way!

In conclusion, know that it’s impossible to eradicate truth.  Keep sharing it! | Shadowban graphic 2

Elijah Wordsmith Marketing for Holistic Practitioners

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My freelance writing is the megaphone for natural medicine.

Based in the US, I’m passionate about the censored option of holistic health.  More Americans need to know about it.

Elijah Wordsmith relays the more individualized care patients receive from you.  Attracting them to your practice website.

If you’ve found shadowbanning interesting, learn about how “disinformation” ties in! 

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