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Schuyler R.
Have been working with Elijah for about 6 months and he has been a tremendous help in supercharging our blog posts copy. Even though our requests are a bit outside of his typical healthcare niche, he and his team have taken the time and attention to detail to make our content top notch without hand-holding. Highly recommended!
Elijah has a knack for creating creative content. He is professional and responsive as well as organized. Elijah does extensive research when he enters into a project and anyone who hires him will be pleased that they did!
Linda M Testimonial for Elijah Shoesmith
Linda M.
Elijah is an excellent content writer who can tackle any topic thrown at him (and we’ve given him different industries to work with). He does the necessary research to create quality content and it’s compelling as well as interesting for the reader. He is also easy to work with and requires very little editing – qualities that are a huge plus! BUT, Elijah also is excelling at digital marketing in general. He has taken multiple trainings that we provide and completes them quickly and with ease. Expect BIG things from Elijah!
Brian D.
It was a pleasure working with Elijah! From the initial conversation and proposal to the final invoice, Elijah Wordsmith finished the task above expectations.
If you are small business and trying to grow you know that any service that is helpful in taking off a burden from your plate while adding true value is a great thing to have.  Elijah and his content pertinent writing service is just that.
Elijah Wordsmith was hired to help with content writing and website work. Recently joining with another church it became necessary to merge our online presences. He provided timely updates as the project moved forward, giving all the stakeholders confidence that all expected milestones would be met. Clear communication and consistent rebranding brought the project to a pleasing conclusion. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and we enthusiastically recommend him if you’re looking for integrity-backed content marketing. | Lauri P
Lauri P.
Elijah is a joy to work with. He is patient and truly takes the time to understand what your needs are and is able to write it in a way that your customers will connect with. | Darrin Edwards
Darrin E.
Elijah is a joy to work with. We used him on a couple of content writing projects and are very happy with his work. We have several more content writing projects lined up and we will be using him on those as well. When you find a great person to work with, you stick with them. And we plan on sticking with Elijah.

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