Social Media Mistakes That Cost Me Leads
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“Did you like my generic message Mr. LinkedIn user?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.”

There’s a general misconception that simply posting on social media sites will lead to riches.  

That’s one obvious misstep, but what are some others?

What Mistakes Do Businesses Make When Using Social Media Marketing?

Social media mistakes are a normal part of learning when you launch a new medical practice.  Along with a plethora of other teaching moments.

But it’s okay.  I’ve made many of the same ones, as have most entrepreneurs.

In healthcare, there are some common errors for holistic doctors.  Let’s look at four that prevent the optimal return on your social media marketing.

1) Ignoring Analytics

LinkedIn provides built-in analytics if you have a page for your practice.  Every quarter, record these metrics on a simple Excel spreadsheet.

As a physician, you may not have the time for data entry.  The easy solution is finding someone on your staff who does.

Tracking is important, but using the insights from this data is more worthy of your attention.

2) Trusting Automation Too Much

Social media scheduling tools free you up to be more efficient in your overall marketing.

But after you’ve created your future posts, it’s easy to neglect the platforms.

Instead, schedule an hour or two each week to log into these sites and review notifications.  This includes comments, mentions, and reactions.

3) Sharing the Same Post on Every Platform

You want to ensure those following your various channels are getting fresh and unique content.  That means changing the messaging to fit the “feel” of the specific site.

Take LinkedIn for example.  The copy on your post there should be more professional than the written content on others.

4) Choosing Not To Engage With Followers

Working hard to build a loyal follower base is meaningless if you aren’t speaking with them directly.

Spend the majority of your time inside the platforms engaging with your prospective and current patients.

Thank the people who comment on your posts or ask questions to extend conversations with them.

How To Avoid Social Media Mistakes 

We already looked at common pitfalls your practice should stay away from.  Naturally, we must then move into ways to decrease the risk of them occurring.

But first, I want to share a personal lesson.  Once I narrowed my niche to holistic medicine, I determined to ignore best practices in social media marketing.

I made this shift because I realized I was wasting my energy on sites that weren’t frequented by these providers.  Too bad I didn’t discover it earlier.  But that’s education right?

Learn from my missteps:

  1. Limit the channels you’re active on
  2. Be open to alternative platforms
  3. Traditional wisdom isn’t always best

Find the one or two places your ideal patients are hanging out online and establish a presence.  

Try out alternatives to Big Tech like Gab.  

And think outside the box to stand out in these lower competition places.

Hopefully these social media mistakes small businesses can avoid have been helpful!

Elijah Wordsmith Avoiding Social Media Mistakes

Company social media mistakes were a blessing in disguise because they forced me to be more purposeful.

Whether it’s your practice blog or social media posts, I’m happy to partner with you.  My freelance writing business is the megaphone for your natural health practice.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing “verbalizes” the more individualized care current and prospective patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Let’s discuss your main content marketing goal and move your holistic medical practice towards standing out online!  

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