Vaccination Incentives Foster Mistrust of Doctors
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“Why do people of faith use it as a reason not to get the vaccine?”

The doctor’s question hung in the air.  

Emotion rising within his chest, the patient calmly tried to explain.

His query had seemed honest enough, but was a financial motivation to blame?

I’ll explore this question because patient care is at risk.  Through the use of vaccination incentives.

It’s time to shine light in the darkness.

Insurance Incentive for Doctor Vaccination Rates

Do doctors get incentives for vaccines?

From hospital water coolers to online platforms, this inquiry has been posed since Covid ended.

The answer is yes, but the blame is harder to place.

Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leak shared evidence from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid.  It involved physicians in Kentucky.

Vaccine incentive program:

  • 30% Anthem patients immunized – $20 bonus per member
  • 75% Anthem patients immunized – $125 bonus per member

Stated very clearly,

…we recognize your hard work by offering incentives for helping patients make the choice to become vaccinated.

Suddenly it all makes sense.  Or does it?

Slow to Pass Judgement

There’s a temptation to generalize and say every provider was in on it.  But generality can be dangerous.  

And it shouldn’t characterize a child of God.  

This doesn’t absolve some from indictment, however.  But discernment requires our thorough investigation before passing judgment.

So, let’s use critical thinking.  Who else stands to benefit from mass vaccination?

  1. CDC, NIH, HHS
  2. Big Pharma
  3. Health insurers
  4. The White House

Responsibility ultimately falls to the United States “leadership.”  And one day they will be judged by the true Highest Authority.

Next, I’ll show how this proof actually helps holistic practices. | Gab guide11

How Covid Vaccine Incentives Help Holistic Medicine

The story at the beginning of this blog happened to me.  

Hopefully God used my response to wake up my former doctor.  I suppose I’ll find out if I meet him in heaven.

But his pushiness still turned me off.  As it did for countless more across this nation.

Here’s how natural healers can position themselves:

  • Highlight your championing of medical freedom on your website
  • Mention a reliance on natural remedies and their safety
  • Collaborate with private practice doctors who won’t push vaccines
  • Establish trust with new patients on free speech social media platforms

Barriers to Implementation

Your practice may be thriving as more people become open to alternative health.  It does present an issue though.

All but one of the above ideas require energy you’d rather devote to patient care.

Healthcare content writing is your solution if the problem is a lack of time.  An experienced professional writer can:

  1. Update your website copy
  2. Manage your medical blog

Now is the time for natural medicine to dethrone the incumbent.

To wrap up, I want to narrow down your list of possible partners in this mission. | Gab guide12

Holistic Medicine Partnering With Elijah Wordsmith

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I’m the “online megaphone” for your private practice.

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Elijah Wordsmith content writing relays the more individualized care patients can expect. 

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