WHO Aiming to Silence Alternative Healthcare
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To the average patient, healthcare seems to be fine.

But it isn’t. 

Much of the deterioration is purposeful.  Orchestrated by governing authorities and their “lab coats.”

However, I want to highlight a shift that holistic practitioners should use to position themselves as a solid alternative.  

Read on for some long overdue good news.

Medical Autonomy Under Threat From Beyond Our Borders

The current powers managing the U.S. medical industry are planning another pandemic.  

Don’t write me off as a conspiracy theorist just yet.  It’s actually supported by many health experts.  Just not the mainstream ones.

Recent moves by the World Health Organization and United Nations are two examples.  They appear to be pushing the same agenda.  

Even though they both are unelected bodies, their influence is great.  And sovereign governments beside the United States seem poised to delegate more power.

Other examples:

  • White House seeking to remove the injunction against collusion with Big Tech
  • Ongoing censorship of “medical misinformation” on Facebook, Google, and YouTube

In July, a federal judge ruled Biden appointees can’t threaten or coerce platforms like Facebook to censor views.  The injunction was upheld in September by The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Apparently that wasn’t enough confirmation, so now it’ll be going before the U.S. Supreme Court.

And despite the emergency COVID pandemic restrictions being lifted, Big Tech is holding on.  De-platforming licensed medical professionals for speaking unpopular truths.

Initially, they may seem unconnected.  But not if we factor in the medical tyranny we all experienced during COVID.

Or use critical thinking.

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Holistic Health Marketing Highlighting Patient Choice

Okay, enough bummer news.  I want to leave you feeling better than when you started reading.  

Awhile back, a conversation with a dear family friend alerted me to a need.  For information on hidden education.  Specifically on natural healing.

She commented how hard it was to research alternatives to traditional medicine using Google.  Naturally, I had to plug Brave search.

But her frustration is surely shared by patients across this great nation.

Which reveals the importance of getting your holistic services in front of online searchers.  

Promotional tools:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Reviews

First, optimize your website using SEO.  Next, put out bi-monthly blogs of at least 1,000 words.

Third, give website visitors a way to sign up for future blogs.  Mix in awareness raising emails when you send those out.

Fourth, promote your blogs on social media and use other creative posts the rest of the week.

Lastly, regularly collect reviews from patients and share them on your website and social media.

Now I must warn you.  This process is time-consuming.

To conclude, you can make it easier by handing off your content writing.

Elijah Wordsmith Boosting Holistic Practitioners

Your marketing doesn’t need to break the bank.  Or be ineffective.

My freelance writing is the megaphone for natural medicine.

Based in the US, I’m passionate about the censored option of holistic health.  More Americans need to know about it.

Elijah Wordsmith relays the more individualized care patients receive from your compassionate hands.

If you’ve found this blog interesting, learn more about the WHO’s plans! 

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