Why Naturopathic Practitioners Aren’t Limited by Censorship
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Elijahwordsmith.com | Why Naturopathic Practitioners Aren't Limited by Censorship

Google, Amazon, and Facebook have a shared mission.

Prevent you from treating the entire person, not just their symptoms.  Basically, they believe they can constrain your passion.

If you’ve been speaking in facts and truth since 2020, you’ve likely been censored.  Prevented from reaching those who could benefit from your knowledge.

My goal here is to get you thinking outside of the box in your approach to online communication.

Let’s dig in.

Censored Healthcare Content Writing

Naturopathy has a history of going against the grain.  With the intention of providing alternative healing options for patients.

During COVID, you may have spoken out against the unproven measures recommended by our health “experts.”  

Possible results:

  1. Censorship
  2. Demonetization
  3. Shadowbanning
  4. Deplatforming

With a need to provide for yourself or loved ones, you were put in a tough spot.  Unsure of how to proceed, perhaps you even self-censored.

There’s no shame in that.  All Americans have muted themselves at some point since 2020, because we’re conditioned to.  There’s only one issue.

Your voice and alternate opinion is removed from the digital square.  Leaving patients to follow medical advice that is potentially harmful.  Or lethal!

Free speech is your right.  It’s time you claim it once again.

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Creative Marketing for Holistic Practitioners

Forget everything you know about marketing your practice.  At least in the traditional sense.

Big Tech controls the medical narrative, influenced by the industry gatekeepers and regulators.  

Some of their tactics:

  • Fact-checks on posts
  • Limiting post reach 
  • Hiding your blog 
  • Banning your account

With the revelations from the Twitter and Facebook Files, this is done at the behest of our government.  This is a fact.

But, this news isn’t all bad.  In fact, it present an opportunity.

Since they’re patrolling mainstream digital channels, shift your attention to alternatives.  Like Gab and Brave.

Both let you share unpopular opinions on topics related to healthcare.  And allow your content to reach the searching eyes of patients.  Especially those burned out with our current system.

Brave Search

Relatively new to the search engines market, Brave is privacy-focused.  

Its users are likely to be more receptive to your blogs or posts.  Because they don’t trust common opinions on naturopathy.  

They also pursue truth and conduct their own research.  Only coming to a conclusion after due diligence.  Your kind of patient right?

Specific benefits:

  1. Unbiased algorithm ranks most clicked on blogs and webpages
  2. Goggles (filters) allow unpopular health approaches to show up
  3. More of your ideal patients are using this browser/search engine

Look at ways to increase visibility with a company who puts you first.

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Gab Social

This platform is really the only guaranteed place to share your expertise unhindered.  You’re free to question taboo topics.


  • Vaccine safety and need for oversight
  • Influence of Big Pharma on doctors
  • Danger of WHO being an authority on health

Dr. Joseph Mercola, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Alan Bradford, Dr. Robert Malone, and many more have accounts on Gab.  That’s got to count for something in 2023.

You can create a healthcare group and use it to share information or recruit new patients. Post videos answering common questions. Or even run ads that don’t annoy users.

Because they have built their infrastructure from scratch, there’s no risk of being kicked off.  User supported, their loyalty isn’t to outside shareholders or venture capitalists.

Hopefully this has been eye-opening.  Wrapping up, I want to share how I’m an ally in this fight.

Holistic Health Marketing with Elijah Wordsmith 

For two years, I’ve been educating patients on your industry.  Giving a voice to the voiceless online.

My “why” stems from the attack on naturopathy that unethical gatekeepers in the U.S. healthcare system are engaging in.

Elijah Wordsmith content writing connects you with current and prospective patients.  Positioning you as an authority on non-traditional treatments and care. 

Learn more about medical content writing and move your naturopathic practice towards standing out online!  

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