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*Interview with Delia S., founding director of World Health International

1. Can you share the story of how you got connected with WOW?

WOW just started as a collection of people coming together in a local coffee shop talking about the lockdowns, vaccine mandates, devastating injuries caused by the vaccines and the complete denial from all political, media and bureaucratic groups that there was anything wrong. Professor Ian Brighthope came out of retirement to set this group up. Most of the people drawn to this group are health professionals.

Melbourne is virtually a communist state, run by a premier who deeply admires China, want’s to make the state of Victoria a ‘gateway to China’, has signed off on deals with the Chinese government like the belt and road (without any approval from Canberra), and who literally screams abuse at anyone not wanting to get vaccinated continuously. Melbourne had the longest lock downs of any city in the world. The city is now ruined, one in four shop front buildings are abandoned. Melbourne is also the epicenter of a fightback against the covid tyranny, with numerous groups creating films, health groups and political parties.

We morphed into weekly Sunday meeting. We held endless discussions about the best way to move forward; political lobbying, building alternative health services or setting up public education. We developed a website, weekly newsletter, fortnightly online zoom events, blog posts, vaccine injury protocols and social media accounts.

Currently we have a membership website, connections to global medical freedom groups and offer training for health professionals and the public. We are applying for not for profit status so we can accept donations that are tax exempt, and are moving into fundraising and leasing with local small businesses.

2. What are the biggest challenges right now in getting the word out?

Everything is difficult in Melbourne. Thousands of businesses have gone broke and there is little chance they will be replaced. Many thousands of people have left the state looking for work and a better life, most will never return. There is little money in the economy, those who are left are often older and retired, living on savings. The city is being flooded with immigrants with little English or interest in Australian culture. Any sense of community is being destroyed. However there are lots of dedicated people who care about health and we are doing the best we can.

3. How has your view of alternative health changed since you’ve joined this organization?

It’s been a revelation to me, learning about the power of vitamins, mineral and herbs, as well as light and magnetic therapy. I simply had no idea these things existed three years ago. Now I believe they are the best way to treat chronic conditions. I now accept that traditional medicine is only useful for acute conditions, road trauma, gun shot wounds etc.

Previously I had no idea there was a problem with vaccines. I’ve learned a lot since then!

4. Last time we spoke, you’d mentioned a desire for providing people with a home preparedness kit. Why is this important for freedom-loving citizens in 2023?

Looking at the situation we are in, I can see things will only get worse, and that people need to learn how to manage most basic conditions on their own. 1/3 of the nursing profession has left in Australia, 1000 health professionals have been deregistered and at least 15 percent of GP’s (or primary care physicians) have left. Hospitals are trying to push nursing students to work on the wards. Many that stayed and took multiple vaccines are now sick, I’ve been told 40 percent of nurses on the ICU ward I used to work on, are now chronically unwell.

All hospitals continue their demand for ongoing vaccine boosters. N90 masks are compulsory for every work shift. Overseas staff cannot be recruited. Post grad nursing training courses are being cancelled due to lack of applications. Stories of Doctors become too ill to work or dropping dead during shift do the rounds.

I foresee unvaccinated people being locked out of the health system in the near future. There is no sign of the covid narrative abating in Victoria or the rest of Australia. Like Canada, we are the ‘test case’.

Also I’m hearing that Bill Gates has bought parts of the National Health Service in the UK, plans to put everyone on a ‘health plan’, make them follow a protocol (lose weight, take regular vaccines, don’t drink alcohol) and if they don’t comply, they will be banned from using the NHS service. Also I’m hearing discussion about banning access to antibiotics, an essential medication for emergencies.

This level of control would be very easy using a digital ID.

I think we need to plan for many people not being able to access traditional health services in the future, even when they are publicly funded. So people are really going to be left to their own resources.

I’m trying to design a first aid course and basic nursing course that can be delivered online, as well as organize the sale of a first aid kit that can be tailored to individual family needs. I think people’s best hope is to learn how to manage most conditions at home, use telemedicine for medical appointments, use smart technology for home diagnostics and see naturopaths for most chronic conditions.

5. What has the response been from the public regarding WOW’s medical education?

Every time Professor Ian Brighthope does a talk he is swamped with people, wanting information and assistance. He is contacted every day about severe vaccine injuries. There is a huge public demand for Doctors who are honest, and prepared to assist with vaccine injuries. Doctors who speak out about the covid vaccines have become rock stars overnight. When Dr Aseem Malhotra came to Australia all his speaking events were packed out.

6. Can you talk a bit about the response from medical groups around the world to WOW’s mission?

A lot of work is taking place around the globe regarding building a new health bureaucracy and education network. Currently discussion about a new university for Doctors and nurses is underway, involving America, South Africa and Australia. Ian is on social media talking to Doctors from overseas on a very regular basis. Similar issues exist across the western world and people are all looking for solutions. We are planning to expand our nurse and general public training to Sydney. Also under discussion is facilitating the sale of affordable herbal mixes.

7. Your website mentions a course on IV Vitamin C therapy. This vitamin was included in the banned COVID protocol which also includes Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin. How does adding it intravenously affect patient outcomes?

You can deliver a far higher dose of vitamin C intravenously, than you can orally. This gives the patient a much bigger boost and increases their recovery time. You can also give other vitamins and mineral IV. This takes natural therapy to another level, enabling it to manage acute illnesses in the same way pharmacy drugs do.

8. With the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments and Pandemic Treaty sure to be adopted in 2024, is medical advocacy still important?

The WHO is a complete disaster, and while their treaties will probably be signed off by Australia’s bureaucrats, we will need to provide ongoing medical care to people. People who fail to comply with endless mRNA booster vaccines may end up being cut out of society. Yet these vaccines are triggering a huge array of serious illnesses and deaths. Those left in the medical industry are mostly dismissing vaccine injuries, leaving very ill people to die at home or be repeatedly be admitted to ED asking for help. Families are being asked to step in and provide care due to neglect by nurses and Doctors in hospitals, who simply dismiss vaccine injuries. We will be overrun with sick people for a very long time. Mainstream medicine is completely failing people.

9. Why should patients perform their own research before taking advice from their primary care doctor?

I think it’s at the point where many people will never trust a Doctor or nurse again. The numbers of vaccine injured and dead are growing and all their family and friends see the issues they face.

The only Doctors we recommend are called ‘integrative GP’s’. This means they don’t push the vaccine or any pharmacy drug, and instead offer alternative treatments and spend time discussing basic issues like diet and lifestyle. These new types of Doctors often work in clinics along side naturopaths and nurses giving IV vitamins.

10. I noticed WOW is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With the Australian government’s concerted push for social media censorship, has alt tech like Gab been considered as an online channel?

I raise the issue of Gab on a regular basis, most WOW members are not tech savvy and don’t understand about online censorship or the growth of alternative platforms. We are mostly comprised of ex Doctors and nurses. I hope they realize the importance of Gab. We are in constant fear of censorship. That’s why I made them turn the website into a membership site, so it’s closed off to the public. I’m heavily invested in Gab, and believe it’s a vital part of future medical and social freedoms.

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