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Christ follower, husband, and content writer seeking to enrich our world through messaging and other online means. Proudly keeping my advertising dollars away from Big Tech, and reinvesting them in free speech platforms. #ParallelEconomy | Your Naturopathy Digital Marketing Toolbox

You can’t afford to neglect digital marketing in 2023.

This isn’t a gimmick or attempt to promote an unnecessary service.  Far from it.

It’s my petition aimed at strengthening your online visibility.

I want to share the powerful tools fueling my own business.  So that we can grow together and reclaim healthcare.

That mission begins right now.

Digital Marketing for Holistic Practitioners

My mentors Charles and Linda Musselwhite literally wrote the book on this topic.  They outlined the core principles of online promotion.

7 pillars supporting this online strategy:

  1. Website
  2. Content
  3. Email
  4. Online ads
  5. Video
  6. Social media
  7. Reviews

Today we’ll focus on your website, content, and social media.

In my opinion, naturopathic practitioners like yourself need to get these right before adding the others.  This statement is borne out of experience in running a profitable medical content writing business.

De-Google Your Naturopathic Practice

Wait just a second.  Aren’t we supposed to always seek to please the almighty Google?

Removing 100% of this Big Tech juggernaut’s influence over your practice is difficult.  I admit it.

But my advice is to limit their power over what you say online.  And I know the implements to make it happen.


Your home base for running the practice, this project management tool is awesome.  I’ve used it for years.  

Understanding HIPAA compliance matters to you, their Enterprise Plan gives you that option.


  • Increase productivity for more time with patients
  • Centralize internal and external conversations
  • Streamline processes with recurring tasks
  • Keep on schedule with projects and patient care 

There’s other options out there, but I personally don’t plan on switching.

Used by the majority of the internet, this website builder simplifies what used to be a complicated project.

Once the foundation is there, you can customize it for extra usefulness.  Through plugins.

For the actual build, I recommend the plugin Elementor Pro.  It is a drag and drop tool that removes the need to know HTML (website language).

Next, begin to attract searchers.

A dedicated blog is one key component of healthcare content writing.

  • 80% of marketers believe that writing for humans is a priority

Make sure any content you put out isn’t only focused on pleasing search engines.

Brave Search

San Francisco-based Brave entered the online search space in 2015.  Their website states a mission geared towards privacy.

Google tracks everything you do, sells your data to advertisers, and leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Brave serves the user first. Not big tech.

A newer feature called Goggles helps your content reach alternative medicine patients.

  • 57% of businesses acquire at least 1 customer through their blog

Publish relevant blogs bi-monthly at the minimum.


Your website and plugins will regularly need updates.  Whether that’s new features, bug fixes, or other improvements.

This website maintenance tool allows you to cross off this task in an efficient manner.


Google Analytics is free, but the data you collect on visitors fuels their corporate monopoly.

Recommended by a freedom-loving website developer, this analytics plugin provides valuable insights.  Without selling collected data to advertisers.


An alternative to Hootsuite, this social media scheduling tool helps you work ahead.  Freeing up time for revenue-generating activities.  Like new consults.

Free plan:

  • 3 social platforms
  • 10 scheduled posts per platform

Even their paid plan is more affordable than other choices.  Plus the ability to schedule text posts and comments are nice extras.  


If you value free speech, this social media platform is the only logical choice. 

You’ll find that the community is more open to alternative health than mainstream networks. 

None of these companies are paying me for the recommendations.  I share them because they’ve allowed me to provide for my family more effectively.

Which is my wish for you as well.

To conclude, I’ll quickly touch on where we align.

Elijah Wordsmith Holistic Health Marketing

Marketing for holistic practitioners doesn’t need to break the bank.  Or be ineffective.

My freelance writing is the megaphone for naturopathy.

Based in the US, I’m passionate about the censored option of holistic health.  More Americans need to know about it.

Elijah Wordsmith relays the more individualized care patients receive from your compassionate hands. 

Now that you are aware of the tools for success, learn about the benefits of starting a naturopathy blog!

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